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Who Cares About This Stupid Weinergate Hoax?

Did you hear about the invented accusations against Anthony Weiner? Liberals, the side of American politics that have brought you crazed delusions about George W. Bush's maniacal attempts to follow in Hitler's footsteps when he wasn't too busy covering his tracks on 9-11, have spoken on #weinergate and it-is-a-hoax.

As always, conservatives, like a global warming rally that could be canceled by a spring time snowfall, are the ones who refuse to live in reality.

Yet, the sunlight shining on this Dracula comes from DaTechGuy has made a lot of fantastic points of reality on this matter, but one in particular really is the show stopper...

(Weiner) has over 45K followers (45737 to be exact) I’m not one of them. He also follows only 194 people.

Until 48 hours ago one of those people was Genette Nicole Cordova tweetname @Gennette Noble the young lady who is at the center of this interesting event.

See the entire post here

How Weiner doesn't wave the white flag at the immutable fact that as a national public figure, who knows MANY important people, makes the very same girl who received a picture of him stuffing a roll of coins in his tighties a member of a very small group of people he thought was worth following. This is important, because it allows them to send each other private tweets nobody else can see, AKA the makings of a right-wing hoax.

This shows how truly stupid liberals think the public is. They can't help it. They talk to us and argue with us like we're dumb zombies because that is the absolute maximum capacity of their own intellect. As a Twitter user myself, I know this is a big fat digital blue dress. So from this point on only one of two things can happen:

  1. The mainstream media continues to ignore/deflect/cover up the story in an attempt to send this scandal on a one-way ticket to Birtherville.

  2. Weiner realizes he's dealing with people who are way smarter than the constituents who continue to reelect him, fesses up, and atones for his sin by legally changing his name back to Assony

The left's reaction to this has been interesting. Frankly, the whole thing just feels like a straight-to-video sequel of when "Billy Met Monica." It is just sex, right? So why don't they just put the smoking gun away and upgrade that old 90's mantra of theirs to "it's just sexting?"

Something like that does nothing to impeach the character he needs for the public to be assured he deserves their trust. After all, he didn't betray his constituents, just a bunch of sacred vows he promised to his wife. The bond between him and his many anonymous constituents will always be more unbreakable than his wedding ring next to the buzzsaw of infidelity.