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The GOP Nomination Process Doesn't Need To Be Exciting...

A lot of commentators are breathing in paper bags over the GOP selection we have to choose from thus far. I'm not worried yet because we are many months away from the first primary, but I do have to wonder why the biggest names in the race are people who high five themselves after scoring in their own goal.

If ObamaCare never passed Mitt Romney would have one foot on solid ground and one in the Mormon quicksand and he would've been sinking only half as fast as his is now. Even though he is so plastic he could be Barbie's father-in-law, he could've had a shot this time with the backdrop of an 4 years of Obama's liberal iron fist behind him.

Then Newt Gingrich has decided he wants to be the GOPublic frenemy number 1. Even if he didn't agree with Paul Ryan's approach rather than set his bold proposal ablaze he could've shifted the topic of conversation to his six figure Tiffany's debt before Politico did.

I frankly don't care what Newt thinks of Paul Ryan anymore, unless he's opting for charm braclets over bumper stickers and yard signs, I want to know how a dude puts what amounts to a house into a jewelry store.

Newt really does seem hell bent on becoming a party of one, and that's something that tells me he probably should've though a little harder than the diamonds encrusted on his kind of jewelry store invoices before declaring his candidacy.

The rest of the field is a who's who...but not in the sense of stating who they are so much as we're asking. For example, Tim Pawlenty sounds like a guy who would be the owner of a pet store more than a presidential candidate, and because they hate her so much I think more Democrats know Michelle Bachmann than Republicans.

This, despite what the media wants us to believe, is probably a good thing. Do you want those Obamaton's them sniffing their butts? Give them a chance to build a campaign, away from the thin ice Romney and Gingrich stand on, and hopefully they can wow us when it really matters, during the primaries.

How exciting does the Republican have to be anyway? Yeah, McCain made paperweights look animated, but the nation insisted on being seduced by Obama before we could give him a chance to ask his doctor (much less us) about Valtrex.

He'd rather golf with his buddies and go on vacations than work on our relationship. We've been feeling like he said all those nice things in 2008 just to get us in the sack, and it wasn't even good enough to make the burning worth it.

We deserve better. If that means lame and boring is better, then its copies of the "Path to Prosperity," American flags made in China, and "you betchas" for everybody!