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The Ultimate GOP Solution For Illegal Immigration

It's a good thing the GOP has control of something again, because Obama is now on the immigration warpath.

From USA Today

"One way to strengthen the middle class in America is to reform the immigration system, so that there is no longer a massive underground economy that exploits a cheap source of labor while depressing wages for everybody else," Obama said in El Paso, Texas.

Wait a second how do immigrants depress middle class wages if they're "doing the jobs Americans wont do" anyway? If we are doing those jobs why should we compete with trespassers?

This highlights the point that we would still competing for the same jobs! Normalizing them, bringing them out of the shadows, and creating a surge of supply in labor by dumping them into the "legal" workforce wont depress wages?

Of course they will. Why does the president want to drive down wages?

"Immigration reform is an economic imperative," he added.

It is an economic imperitive for this raised-by-communists president to drive down wages because...They say Republicans are for the rich, Democrats are for the poor. If they need more voters, then they have to make more of who they are for.

"We now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history," Obama said -- though he added that some Republican politicians will never be satisfied.

"Maybe they'll say we need a moat," Obama said. "Or alligators in the moat."

WHAT?!? They haven't built the damn moat yet? I guess I shouldn't even ask about the energy dome.

Strange we can believe in

If the DOHbamas of the world want to sell us on the idea that crowd control is beyond their paygrade, then I don't want to hear one more flippin' word about how we can stop global warming and alter the weather patterns of the entire planet. Their attitude on immigration tells you all you need to know about the sham wow Al Gore is selling...but I digress...

In all seriousness, am I willing to allow some kind of guest worker program, or a way to normalize the people who are already here? If I thought there was even a modicum of seriousness about shutting down the border to future unauthorized crossings, then the answer would be yes.

Anyone who has ever been to Mexico can testify to the fact that it is little more than a country shaped toilet. As a resident of southern California, as the son of an immigrant, and as the husband of a woman whose mother was also an immigrant who raised her miles from the Mexican border, I (and we) appreciate completely the desire to claw your way to something better. Especially when it's literally right under your nose and you can literally taste it in the air.

That's not what this is about for Democrats, their unions see dollar signs, and their politicians see votes. This isn't about freedom and prosperity, it's purely about power. Mexican immigrants don't see this, how could they? Even if ("if"...look at me being all polite) liberal lust for power drags the quality of life down to half of what it is now it would still be 50% better than what they have south of here.

Liberals completely take advantage of the fact that most of the country doesn't live near the border, and fear that Taco Bell isn't going to make itself. They also know most of the country has no idea how unappreciative too many of them are to be here, and they would rather bring Mexico here than become American. That's not true of all illegal immigrants, not by a long shot, but anything less than 100% appreciation is way too little.

Don't look to the GOP to save us, because they have little to no outreach in the hispanic community they'll go with whatever doesn't let this issue eat them alive like Michael Moore attacking ice cream before they even extract the milk from the cow.

Since Hispanics are a typically socially conservative bunch, I would go along with any compromise they would want to strike if I knew they were serious about rectifying this problem. It's not like I don't see the value of normalizing illegal immigrants! I like my debit card, so it would be pretty awesome if the best taco stands here in Socal weren't cash only.

In the end that's the real solution to dealing with this illegal immigration floodgate. As long as Democrats control states like California, and liberals in the media screen the truth from the 46 states that don't border Mexico this fight is futile, and simple pandering ain't gonna cut it.

Besides, conservatism gets them the freedom and economic prosperity they're looking for, and it's about time the Republican party got serious about making that case. If the GOP lets the hispanic vote become a monolith for Democrats this country will be desitined for totalitarianism.

We can't beat 'em. So we need to invite them to join us.