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The Video America Needed To See Before Electing President Obama

All I can say is Bill Whittle has outdone himself again. His videos are becoming some of the most important contributions to conservative discourse that can possibly be offered. Can anyone imagine what 2008 would have looked like if we knew even 25% of the information in this video at any point during the campaign? And this is just PART 1!!!

Birthers should take notice that he doesn't even touch the issue of his birth, which (depending on how reasonable you want to be) may have finally been put to bed today since the White House FINALLY releases a copy of the long form birth certificate. He doesn't go there because he doesn't need to, who his parents actually are is WAY worse than where he was born.

This is explosive stuff, liberals have been accusing the right of name calling whenever we say Obama is a socialist...and little did WE know that WE WERE PULLING OUR PUNCHES!

You can bet your ass I'll be posting part 2 when it's available.

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Is Obama Really Unbeatable?

After months and months of talk Haley Barbour decided yesterday he wasn't going to aim for the presidency. Leaving the the New York Times to wonder why this could be, and concludes, between the lines, that Obama is somewhat unbeatable (something echoed in the articles comments).

They offer a who's who of people that turned down a shot at challenging Obama...or as I call it, the "GOP Owl Call"

John Thune (who?)
Mike Pence (who?)
Bob Corker (WHO?!?)

I do actually know who those three are, but most people don't.

They round off the list with Chris Christie, who isn't even halfway done with his first term as New Jersey's governor, and Jeb Bush who for everyone would end up being a big "Who? Oh HELL NO!"

I know Jeb has his fans, but it's just impossible to sell YET ANOTHER Bush to the country. Sorry. Nobody will care if Jeb is like a shiny state-of-the-art Blu-ray disc, everyone is still pissed that his brother turned out to be a useless LaserDisc throwback.

Truth be told there will be Republican's who want to challenge Obama, and there's A LOT to challenge. His signature initiatives have been disaterous failures for the country, and the Democratic party especially.

It seems to me that the trick is not just to have the right message, but to have a message period. President DingleBarry won in 2008 for being nothing more than a media tingle-fairy. His numbers suck because people are figuring that out. So I think even having a modicum of substance and a base willing to shout it from the rooftops to the voters residing in the middle could overcome Obama's expected billion-dollar war chest.

There is no doubt the media is in overdrive trying to rehabilitate Obama's public perception...they should work on their subtlety a little more...

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The Father of the Teleprompter Has Passed Away

It's a dark day for the country one special guy.

A man by the name of Hubert "Hub" Schafly, passed away, and he is a man who made at least one president...

He can be considered a sputnik moment decades in the making when he invented the teleprompter way back in the 40's.

I've heard that Obama was in a meeting when he found out, so there were no camera's present. However, a sketch artist with help from an anonymous witness was able to capture the president's reaction...

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Why Believers in PETA Are The Dumbest Type of "Progressive"

The recent effort by Evo Morales's ridiculous movement to grant Mother Earth civil rights really highlights how people who believe him, and organizations like PETA, are particularly idiotic sectors of the "progressive" universe. While other desitinations of progressive Nirvana, like communism, arguably still live in theory (ha ha ha), the goals of these people is so fantasitically self-contradicting that the only debate to be had is how tight the straight jacket should be for them.

If nothing else tells you these people are complete whack jobs then let PETA's president speak for them...

Instead of seeing all the other species on Earth as ours to convert into hamburgers, handbags, living burglar alarms, amusements, test tubes with whiskers, and so on, we need to respect them as fellow beings, as other individuals and families and tribes who have the same basic interests in experiencing joy and love and living without needless pain and harassment as we do.

More here

Wow....that's beautiful...they could really drive this point home by having members who have had abortions sign this statement like it was the Constitution.

Now does this iron clad way of viewing animals apply to the ones that are natural carnivores? Or are they allowed by PETA to "convert" animals into hamburgers?

I know the P in PETA stands for pointless ppreposterous peabrains poopyhead "people," so obviously membership doesn't include lions, and tigers, and bears. Presumably only humans are expected to treat other animals as "fellow beings," because we are the only "animals" on the planet that who are sentient enough to know that we think, therefore we are.

If that's the case we're not exactly "fellow beings," are we? We're actually something different...something better.

I wonder if there is any data on how many of these a-holes own pets

That's what makes their cause so bloomin' idiotic. People shouldn't harm animals because they're equal to us, but animals can harm other animals because we can't fight against their nature....but we are exempt from this because we are capable of being exempt....because we are better than other animals....

Hamburger meat has more cerebral activity than the average member of PETA. Who would've thought the idea of vegan zombies WASN'T science fiction?

Fine PETA, go ahead and join your "fellow beings"...

By the way, that sign is real, I didn't photoshop it into existence....see? <---

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Our "Obviously Christian" President Honored Easter This Year!

Oh wait no...he didn't.

For Easter 2010, President Obama issued a proclamation that invited members of all other faiths, including atheists, to the resurrection party. Throughout the year he fawned on Muslim holidays, which he apparently let them keep to themselves.

This year for Easter President Obama gave Jesus a big thumbs up and told him to sit on it.

Barney Frank is obviously Christian because he turns the other cheek all the time...

That's right, our "obviously Christian" president didn't find the time to hat tip our savior to the nation on His (and everyone else's) most important day of the year.

Ok, he did have lunch with some pastors, and he also went to church, which is a clear indicator of his sincere faith...right....


Far be it from me to judge another's faith, especially when I don't know Obama as well as Friar Suck up there does, but when do "obviously Christian" people find the time to praise every faith but their own?

Conservatives aren't casting his faith in doubt, his actions are.

Why no Easter proclamation? Did his printer run out of ink? Did his copy of Word crash when he tried writing it in Arabic font (because NASA's outreach efforts just aren't good enough).

Liberals get in such a tizzy when polls show people think he's Muslim. The man has been quackin' like a Muslim, and this is a shock to them?!?

There's a reason we have labels, and nobody appreciates or exploits that better than liberals. In fact, their labels are their identity. Obama has always been liberalism's man of mystery, and they don't want the seduction to lose its magic...which may be why they are so allergic to the truth that he's not "obviously Christian."

Lets put it this way, when Barney Frank is in a room full of coeds does anyone doubt which kind of cleavage he's checking out?

Then Obama needs to stop giving the elevator eyes to Mohammed, because I'm not a big believer in coincidence, and the American voter isn't the only one taking notice...

That was from Easter Sunday night! No joke, you can see a couple more pictures of this "random" event here.

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When Obama Met The Jeffersons

When Obama met the Jeffersons

Click the image to see a larger version.

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The Real Meaning of Easter...Hollow Chocolate Messiah Bunnies

So....after spending time creating this piece I did a Google search for candy ads to see if there was anything else I could do for this, and I came across this...

So much for my original idea...thanks for beating me to it iOwnTheWorld. On the plus side, if my brain goes where they go on ideas I must not be doing that badly with them.

Happy Easter! Let's not let some dumb chocolate bunnies...↑...get in the way of celebrating the rising of the real messiah.


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Donald Trump? Donald Duck Would Be A Better President Than Obama!

I didn't say it, Bob did...

Get more rants like this one at Drinking With Bob

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Birthers vs Truthers: Who Would You Rather Have A Beer With?

Liberals sure do get uppity when you want to suggest their hero might not actually be a born American. In deference to them, being American is a state of mind more than a birthright. We know this because there isn't anything American about the soapbox lefties choose to stand on.

They like to call their "progressive" positions American, but last time I checked a social justice cocktail wasn't the drink of choice for the Founding Fathers, and they cared more about spreading butter than wealth.

They can cry foul all they want when Donald Trump "feeds the animals," but which side likes a little kool-aide with their fringe?

There aren't a lot of great public numbers on the partisan breakdown of adherents to that conspiracy theory, but the University of Ohio yesterday shared with us the crosstabs of a 2006 poll they did with Scripps Howard that's useful in that regard.

"How likely is it that people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East?" the poll asked.

A full 22.6% of Democrats said it was "very likely." Another 28.2% called it "somewhat likely."

More at Politico....

Some numbers I've seen on the Obama/birther side are slightly lower than this. I don't know, partisans are partisans, so it's hard to look at something like this and not equivocate. We should probably check in with people who don't subscribe to either me!

I also am not afraid to admit that guys like Olbermann and Maddow are quite good looking

I'm the perfect guy to weigh in on this, because I'm not so married to my ideology that I can't be impartial when really I want to be. For example, I'd totally concede that CNN is a middle of the road news network at gunpoint.

So if I had to accessorize my politics with a little fringe what would look better on me? Hmm...

Should I go with the idea that a sitting president risked his legacy going down in historic flames (to which he largely succeeded in the short term) because the rush of being an accomplice to the murder of thousands of innocent people gave him leg tingles AND he wanted to play GI Joe in the desert?


We elected a guy whose past we knew nothing about. Nobody in the field of journalism had much of any curiosity to rectify the problem. What little we know raises red flags that make China's look pink in comparison. People wonder where he was born, and that's when the man decides to play the quiet game, which effectively puts gas on the fire.

Truthers and Birthers both have issues in their own right, but George W. Bush never egged the Truthers on. Their type of crazy has it's own locomotion that even debunking articles from Popular Science, or the cognitive dissonance of the so-called "dumbest" president ever masterminding the most diabolical conspiracy ever, can't slow down. It operates on a faith normally reserved for the likes of God and MSNBC stockholders. If we could bottle that energy of theirs we would solve the energy crisis tomorrow.

Meanwhile, all the Birthers want, if liberals really want them to shut up, is to see a lousy piece of paper.

If I had to pick a group that I would rather have a beer with it would definitely be the Birthers, because Truthers can't mix alcohol with their medication.

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Obama's Good Friday Prayer

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