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Let Obama Finish His Sentence...Unless You Have Tissue Handy

Is he a message control freak? See here and decide for yourself. Even Mediaite concedes

Obama’s interview style is often so disciplined — and prone to filibuster on even the most basic questions...

To be fair, it's hard to really tell how exactly things went down, because the video is heavily edited. Also, Presidents do need to have a firm grip on what they're trying to say to the public. However, to the chagrin of the liberals who support him, Obama ain't God either.

Anything he says can and should be challenged not matter how much of a local yokel the reporter questioning him might be. Especially since his predecessor had to wear a spit guard with all the venom Brad Watson's colleagues used to hurl W's way.

So the guy got a little sassy...What? Is Obama bummed he didn't get to break in his new panty-catching mitt?

So not all media genuflects at the altar of dope and derange. All this reporter really did was take a note from liberals' own playbook that dissent is patriotic. Why, it's the highest form of patriotism there is!

So Watson was actually telling all you Obamaton's out there who say you love Obama that you really need to step up your game.

Hit him BECAUSE you love him.