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The Budget Fight Reveals that Liberals are Literally Looney Tunes

Bill Clinton is confident that a government shutdown will only hurt the GOP. I'm betting he's basing this on the "fact" that the 1995 shutdown is credited with saving his presidency.

In other news a new poll shows people think the GOP is being seen as more reasonable in this budget fight.

NO Duh!

I don't know why, but for some reason Democrats predict politics like they're sports statisticians. This can be a huge problem for them because precedent is meaningless when it has to answer to context.

Why is Obama not going to have the same good fortune?

His presidency runs on a parallel universe to the Clinton Administration of a generation ago. It was a completely different reality back then

    We were high on life after beating the Soviets
    The Internet was exploding the economy
    Nobody could answer American power and it created a sense of invincibility
    The media didn't have the stronger conservative voice that exists today
    We had to invent grunge music to bring the good times back down to earth.

Obama has none of this, and the biggest difference of all is that the debt and deficits in the 90's were a small fraction of what they are now. He isn't winning the battle to make the GOP look like obstinate bean counters because we are now standing at the edge of a fiscal cliff and the fight now doesn't seem pointless.

This actually proves my long-standing belief that Democrats are literally a bunch of Looney Tunes. They're ready to let the deficits continue because they're not worried about taking us over the cliff so long as we don't look down.

This revelation explains everything! It's like Enchanted, only with Warner Brothers and insanity:

Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner, and Speedy Gonzalez all outsmart these morons too much to be libs themselves

    Barney Frank is really Elmer Fudd
    George Stephanopolous is Tweetie Bird
    Bill Clinton is Foghorn Leghorn
    Chris Matthews is Daffy Duck without the Ritalin
    Michelle Obama is, I'm not gonna say it
    John Kerry is an unbathed Pepe Lepew
    Michael Moore is the Tazmanian Devil after figuring out that he doesn't need to burn calories spinning his body (just the facts in his movies) to eat everything in sight
    Joe Biden is the love child of Wile E Coyote and Sylvester the Cat
    If you gave Yosemite Sam stilts and a razor for his moustache you get Janet Reno
    President Obama is Marvin the Martian (which is why they can't find his birth certificate in Hawaii)

That's why they are completely unconcerned about our fiscal armageddon. They live in a world where tunnels are built by painting them on a wall, bombs only char the tips of your hair, an anvil to the head leaves a nasty bump, and none of that can possibly be less consequential than pissing away money trillions of dollars that don't exist in the first place.