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A Tale of Two Obama Campaign Launches

Last August I posted a list of Slogans for Obama's 2012 campaign, you can check them out here.

So lefties are all atwitter with Obama announcing his reelection campaign. Here's the kickoff where supporters gleefully proclaim how they can't wait to get started on the good work (as opposed to continuing it)...

He's the president, he wants to run again, and he's the biggest showman we've ever had in the of course he's going to roll out the red carpet for himself. I know the video is meant to reflect humility and grassroots. It's all he has. I mean, come on..."It begins with us?"

Vacations you can believe in

The man is running for reelection, he shouldn't be BEGINNING anything because it begs the question "what were you doing for 4 years?"

Alright alright, enough carping about Obama's video. If I have to say anything positive it would be that I'm glad it didn't end up being a slide show of all the times he made par.

By the way, the NRSC came out with a video of their own that's a little more in touch with reality...

h/t Future Voices of America.