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Liberals Don't Think ANY of the National Debt Belongs To Them...

Here's another fantastic video from Oliver Darcy, the man behind the video shared here showing students refusing to allow their higher GPA's to be redistributed to student who need them.

Now he poses the question if GOP spending cuts are out of the question would they be willing to simply pay their share of the national debt and be done with it?

The reactions are typical of liberals, but when he asks them what we should do to bring down the debt the answers are astounding.

"It's not my debt"

Wow. It actually kind of is. Their side created the entitlements that have led us not only to this point, but also to tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. It's their side that is doing the same thing at the state level promising the world to public employee unions.

These liberals are voting for the politicians who are making those dominos fall, and its not their f**king debt?!? Public debt belongs to ALL OF US!

I apologize for using profanity this post, I know I've used it a lot in other posts too, yet I rarely seek forgivness for saying "liberal."

I know their response to this...we saw it with that one goony looking kid who said we should "fix" the debt by gutting military spending and then transfer it to "social welfare." How THAT fixes the debt will be something I leave to science fiction, but it belies the point that they think the tens of trillions we owe in social welfare can simply be offset by taxing the rich (whose net worth can't even cover the deficit), and eliminating the military (which doesn't make sense if they just want to put that money in to social programs that will be disbanded with the rest of the nation the second the world figures out we no longer have a way to defend ourselves).

Remember, these people think THEY are the smart ones.