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But..."Progressive" Students Don't Want To Redistribute Their GPA?

“By ignorance we mistake, and by mistakes we learn”

So what happens when open minded progressive students get a chance to put their mouth where other people's money is?

Why is it different? These girly boys are not man enough to admit their hypocrisy, that's why.

The "progressive" tax comes knocking on their academic door and their "intellect" can't handle the confrontation. It's so simple, if a high GPA is the key to greater opportunities to get into a better college, or grad school, or med school, or law school...or forget better, how about to qualify for admission period, then a GPA ammounts to academic "income" that is EARNED.

Who wants to work hard for that 4.0 when some a-hole is just going to knock it down to a 3.0...or a 2.0, so some other a-hole who majors in parties and getting laid "has a better chance" at what will truly become "just a piece of paper" if this proposal ever became reality.

Actually, if we want do know the real difference between redistributing income and GPA, it's that GPA can't be used as a political weapon by the left to get votes for themselves. These students would've been totally agreeable to this if they were ignorant jerks, with no education whatsoever, dictating this policy to the people actually going to school and working hard to earn the GPA they have.

This is the American left/liberalism/progressivism/socialism....mired in willful ignorance.

h/t Moonbattery (via iOwnTheWorld)