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A Modest Proposal for Liberals Upset At Wisconsin

So liberals are pretty peeved about the votes that were found in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race that kept the apparently conservative Justice David Prosser in his seat.

Obviously the election was stolen because the liberal candidate JoAnne Kloppenberg, had already declared victory, even though her 200 vote lead would have guaranteed a recount, to say nothing of the lagging absentee count...but she said!

This highlights two things that stuck out in my mind. One proof that an election is stolen from liberals lies basically in whether or not they lost.

They damn well know how elections get stolen...over the course of numerous recounts where a trickle of votes are "found" over the course of weeks and months. David Copperfield's got nothing on the magical powers of a liberal election clerk. Those witches and wizards are the only ones capable of turning Al Franken into the honorable Senator Al Franken.

The time frame and coordination required to make this happen as quickly as it did just isn't possible, especially if you want to believe the record of incompetence that follows the Waukesha County Clerk to this discovery.

They tried this with Bush too, when he wasn't too dumb to fling his own poo he was masterminding the 9/11 attacks. They always want it both ways, and I suggest they take up bisexuality.

The second thing that jumps out is how naked their thirst for judicial activist power has been. Their protests and bongos and smelly fingered peace signs didn't stop Scott Walker.....weird. So they were counting on Kloppenburg to win one for the dippers.

They were COUNTING on her! Democrats don't count anything...have you seen the budgets they make? If this doesn't say something about their abject hatred of our system I don't know what does.

I don't live in Wisconsin, so I don't know how this is truly going to end, but these last few months of liberal thuggery and childishness have shown more than ever that they are "patriots" of something, it's just nothing that resembles anything American.

Which leads me to my modest proposal. I call it the Indian Casino solution.

Basically, we give liberals San Francisco, and they can do anything they want with it...ANYTHING.

Any conservatives that bumbled their way into the city in the first place have one week to leave, and then they are officially on foreign soil, and only true liberals are allowed in.

Any liberals who are so unhappy with America that they'd rather leave than fight for their point of view in an honest way are welcome to leave for citizenship to Mecca West.

Just know that if you want to come back into the United States you will now be required to present a passport to our armed border guards...and you'd better have a damn good reason for coming in to the country because the following won't be accepted:

    - Is curious what is going on at Fox News.
    - Wants a Big Mac.
    - Wants to remember what bongo-less music sounds like.
    - Allergic to hemp, needs to shop for something mass produced in Thailand.
    - Looking for a wife that shaves...
    - Your bong water purifier broke and the parts can only be found in America.
    - You're leading an class of school kids on a field trip to study happiness.

That's a partial list. FYI, one reason for admission that will grant entry, no questions asked, is "seeks job as exhibit in zoo."