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Why Would the GOP Need Charisma Against President Griswold?

Apparently the GOP has a bit of a 2012 Dukakis problem on its hands. Everyone is either boring or unattractive, or too in bed with the conservative elites. And therefore no matter how much they trounce Obama on the issues, or his lack of a record worth mentioning in a reelection campaign, their leg tingles will pull the lever for the president because his smile is nicer.

That's what the New York Times says anyway. It's nice that they're looking out for our side. That must mean Obama has all his ducks in a row to cruise to reelection.

Or it means for two years we've had a president who treats the office like it's his personal sabbatical from life. When the going gets tough his duff got going on vacation more than a terminal cancer patient.

He's loveable enough but all he can do is bumble things and goof around

The country and world have taken notice, so I don't know how much charisma you need to effectively make the case that we elected Clark Griswold in 2008.

Sure nobody is, indeed, excited about our starting line up so far. Maybe that's because they haven't done a whole bunch of anything campaigning, or fundraising, or advertising, and nobody has changed their skin to look like a minority.

Now that the cat's kind of out of the bag I guess I should confess that's the GOP candidate I really want to vote for is the one who abandons their anglo-roots. More than positions on the issues I want to vote for the person that wont get me labeled racist if I don't vote for them.

Does this mean I could vote for Obama if the other other white meat is his challenger next year? That depends on how black the media wants to make 2008 it was pretty black, like a black hole black, and not even light (or Obama's white half) can escape that kind of gravitational pull, only racism can....and I'm not racist so...

Wait...Did I just talk myself into rationalizing the GOP is doomed without a crack makeup artist and tons of shoe polish?

Maybe I can get a job at the New York Times.