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Donald Trump Chips The Fringe Off of the Birthers

What Trump is doing
Is giving us permission
To ask the question.

-From someone known as Haiku Guy, a commenter at Da TechGuy's Blog.

Like Da Techguy, I'm on record as not being a birther, but it's fascinating that we're going on into the third year of Obama's presidency and not only has the issue not died, but now a C-list celebrity like Donald Trump is starting to chip the fringe off of it...

Where does Donald get off making such demands about birth certificates?!? I know where...look at that combover, if anyone deserves to issue demands of honesty from others it should certainly be from the guy who wears it on his skull.

Bottom line, it's a fair question, especially since the left has been acting like such asses about the whole thing. Yeah the birthers are obnoxious too, but liberals could easily make fools of them by showing the damn piece of paper already.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else think that Trump is only running for president so it can be the theme of the next season of The Apprentice?

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Donald Trump was our 45th president? They could broadcast Obama's concession call to him live, and the whole world could hear the Donald accept it...

    Trump: Barack, you were the project manager for this assignment we call America, you failed to provide a clear vision, you failed to lead, you trashed your team in front of the competition, and when they needed you the most YOU WENT GOLFING.

    Obama: Mr. Trump if...if...if you inherited this mess from George-

    Trump: You went over budget to the tune of trillions. The world thinks you're such a joke the country just asked ME to succeed you!

    Obama: -W....W. Bush you would see that this job didn' my ego in the way I thought it-

    Trump: SOMEBODY SHUT OFF THIS GUYS TELEPROMPTER! I'm tired of you putting divots on my golf courses, I'm of tired your wife telling me I can't have a cheese steak sandwich, and Mr. Obama, frankly, the entire country is tired of you.

    Barack...YOU'RE FIRED!

I'm suddenly very close to endorsing Donald Trump for president...just kidding...maybe...