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Is The Tea Party Cooling Down?

"One man with courage makes a majority."

- Andrew Jackson

Why say this? To remind liberals who are wetting themselves over a new poll showing approval of the Tea Party at it's lowest level yet.

Only 32% actually approve of the movement. I don't know, it's a CNN poll, so even as a supporter I wouldn't know what to say if their pollster asked me how I felt about being "teabagged." At least it wasn't MSNBC, I wouldn't have felt like getting into a debate over whether or not its biased to say one is a "Neo Nazi."

I know these numbers sound titilating to liberals. So here's --> some perspective <-- for them...The Tea Party's worst is still triple the Democratic leadership in their heyday.

The election ended about 5 months ago, I'm not saying they should kick back and relax, but we're not in campaign mode right now so maybe the drop in their numbers is coming from their low post-election profile.

He left it in Brazil

I know that sounds like kool-aid justification, but while Japan and Libya burn where did Obama's post lame-duck bump go?

Furthermore, the Tea Party movement is just that, its an ideal that doesn't need a majority to effect change in the political landscape. So liberals shouldn't be so hasty to write their obituary yet.

Everyone thought American Idol was going to die when that Sanjaya kid was on it years ago, and I'll bet more people like the Tea Party than that show...I'd bet that's true even if nobody liked the Tea Party.