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Is Obama Becoming Un-Reelectable?

Everyone except liberals knew that the shining armor Obama rode to town in was purely so he could admire himself when the reflection of his teleprompters were not at his disposal. It looks like the country is starting to get tired of being blinded by the "brilliance."

We can officially call the post-New Year bump in Barack Obama’s job approval ratings finished. A new poll out this morning from Quinnipiac of over 2000 registered voters nationwide puts Obama’s approval level at 42%, the lowest in any Q-poll for Obama, with 48% disapproving.  His re-elect number is actually even lower:

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I wondered a couple of weeks ago what the man even has to campaign on for reelection. Voters gave hope a chance and this doof blew it 2 years in with unprecedented majorities in Congress.

How will the Democrats craft a message for a man who has been a complete and abject failure? I have a modest proposal...