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I'm Betting ObamaCare's One Year Anniversary Is A Lonely One

They say time heals all wounds, so it's kind of ironic that majority opposition to a bill designed to fix health care has remained essentially unmoved <-- according to this CNN poll one year after it was signed into law.

At 59% opposed, CNN is quick to note it's not all roses for conservatives who want to bury ObamaCare like the chewed up dog bone it is...

...if you add the 13 percent who oppose the law because it's not liberal enough to the 37 percent that support the law, you come up with 50 percent of the American people who disagree with the Republican leadership on the issue...

Romanian gymnasts are the only people on the planet that can come up with twists that keep up with liberal logic. If the breakdown according to the CNN Poll is 37% are happy with ObamaCare, 13% think it doesn't go far enough, and 46% think it's a portal to hell then a plurality, at a minimum, oppose it because it's too liberal.

Pitting "no on ObamaCare" against a minority that approves of it, and combining that with a sliver of the country that actually wants something worse is not at all an even playing field, no matter how badly CNN wants to spin this.

Basically you have a group of four people trying to decide what kind of pizza they want to order for a party of 100 people, one of them is a midget.

    Two people in the group want pepperoni, mushroom and sausage....mmmmmm.

    One person in the group wants Canadian bacon........mmmmmm?

    And the midget wants Canadian health care, which is basically moose poop.

So the group of four people are all screaming at each other, and the people who want a normal, yummy pizza with pepperoni and the like are making their case way louder than the doof who wants Canadian "bacon" and the midget who sounds only slightly more intelligent than someone with helium filled vocal chords that just got kicked in the testicles.

After a year of heated debate the midget kicks the pepperoni/mushroom/sausage caucus in the shins, looks at bacon boy and says "LETS COMPROMISE!"

So they go behind closed doors, lock them, and proceed order their redundant sounding Canadian bacon and moose poop pizza.

The pizza comes and the midget is pissed because more than half the party threw away their slice once they found out what was in it, and the 37 who are actually willing to chow down on it would only do so after they've picked all the moose poop off.

Doesn't that sound like a party you'd want to attend again, one year later?

In the end the point is this, I'm pretty sure 100% of the country knows our health care system needs reform, the problem has been how we get there. So a more honest way of looking at the numbers is most Americans don't agree with either ObamaCare OR a single payer system.

Bill Clinton was elected twice on this type of majority, so if it was good enough for liberals back in the 90's, then it should be good enough for their "progressive" label jumping counterparts now.