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There Should Be An Oil Well On Every Corner

I didn't say it, Bob did...

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It's amazing how obvious it is that we need to become energy independent. We are choosing to be slaves to some of the worst psychopaths in the world because we refuse to create our own energy.

If there was ever a chance of reviving nuclear power as a form of energy in this country the earthquake in Japan shot that to hell. Meanwhile, the middle east is about to go nuclear and we have a president with his thumb up his plugged hole because he's too afraid that he will blow another one into the ocean a la BP.

Not to say that we should be risky, but one accident shouldn't amount to economic and geo-political suicide for what is supposed to be the most powerful country in the world. If nothing else Obama should support drilling so he doesn't put his ability to have enough fuel for his Air Force 1 trips to the grocery store at risk.

And God forbid his wife conserve fuel for us all by roughing it in first class when she goes on vacation.