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When Muslim Money Talks At NPR

So apparently do their executives! Nothing makes a man sing better than a juicy five million dollar carrot being served as dessert I guess.

I'm relieved that NPR is appalled by recent comments caught on tape of Former Senior Executive Robert Schiller calling conservatives everything but Satan's barnacles. I would be appalled too if I got caught with my hand in the liberal bias fat free cookie jar.

Between what they did to Juan Williams and now this maybe liberals have a crush on Allah.

One thing is certain, NPR is not appalled about anything. They're embarrassed. Executives with five million dollar checks being dangled in front of their noses don't tow any line that wasn't handed to them at some point by someone higher up.

Which begs the question, other than a thorough butt sniffing from Robert Schiller what would Muslims get if they gave a REAL five million dollar check to NPR?

Whatever they want?