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Concern About The Islamist Rise Is...Bizarre?

Hard hitting analysis from Andrew Sullivan on how the right is being hypocritical on the unrest in the middle east.

There is, of course, great potential for bad as well as good in these kind of transformative moments in history - the Arab 1848 as it were. We should be vigilant on that score. But it is bizarre to read conservatives who praised the Iraq war that led to the empowerment of al Sadr and the deaths of hundreds of thousands in a country occupied by the US to be now retroactively endorsing the other Saddams of the Middle East.

See the entire post here

What do I need to do to get the kind of attention in the blogosphere that Andrew Sullivan gets?

Liberalism is brought to you by the number Blue

Drink? Eat paint chips? Watch an episode of Sesame Street hosted by Biden?

I haven't walked a mile in his shoes, so I don't know if it comes naturally...or does someone like Sully have to work at it to be so stupid?

How is it "bizarre" that conservatives have a different outlook on the middle east unrest now when they were the launching pad for the Iraq war? The reasons are so obvious I feel bad listing them at the risk of insulting everyone's intelligence. Then again, I get liberals visitors so this can be for their benefit.

  1. I don't remember anyone in the U.S. being particularly excited about Al Sadr's rise to power.
  2. Our government has had, and continues to have, an active role and interest in the establishment of a secular (NOT Islamist) govenrment in Iraq in order to prevent guys like Al Sadr from getting traction in that country.
  3. Our government has absolutely no such meaninful role in any of the other countries going through upheaval in that part of the world now.

For these reasons conservatives are wary of what's happening in that part of the world. The only thing that's truly "bizarre" about all of this is the left's inability to understand such an elementary distinction.

I put Sully in that lefty box even though he considers himself to be a conservative, which is fine because I consider myself to be the world's first billion dollar rodeo clown.

After digesting several of Sully's blog posts that he, for his sake, should confess to having had a child ghost write, I can only conclude that the only thing about him that's conservative is his brain cell count.

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The "Progressive" Fight To Save "The Force" In Wisconsin

John Fund has an excellent piece at the Wall Street Journal about what is at stake Wisconsin. Basically, he asks if politics gets to be run by the voters or the unions.

I think that's a valid question. The people of Wisconsin decided last fall how their government should be set up. Like every other state, they're faced with a fiscal crisis. I don't know the ins and outs of their government, but if their problems are anything like my state, California, then the alpha and omega of its budget problems lies in the leviathan-sized parasite that is the public employee unions.

That said, I feel like we are given false choices on this, because I always thought that the government operated on midichlorians. If you're not a complete nerd like me then you should know that's the stuff that powers The Force...the magic stuff that Jedi's are made of.

I've thought this for years because governments negotiated awesome contracts with their employee unions that gave them pay that was has often been better than their private sector counterparts, to make up for the down-side to government work being a complete lack of accountability they also got perks worked in to their contracts that included earlier retirement age, sweet pension deals that include a treaty with hell (sorry libs, heaven isn't a union shop) to continue salary payments after death, and other miscellaneous stuff, like gold plated time cards.

All of this stuff costs money. Where does the money come from? Its a process that magically involves union dues, which came from government employee paychecks, which came from your wallet....aka The Force.

(waves hand) Kids make great human shields

The Force performs mind tricks that prevent people from caring that it causes budget deficits.

When the deficits get too powerful to succumb to mind tricks The Force then gets activists clones that are manufactured for the sole purpose of "the cause" and don't think beyond the orders they're given (aka stormtroopers) to activate and form protests.

beeyoo beeyoo beeyoo = Taxpayers, get in mah BELLAY!

They chant stuff about solidarity, which must be translated after the fact with U.N.-like precision by the mainstream media, because to me it just sounds like the noise kids make when they fire pretend lasers.

Sith lords Union bosses know the power of the force well, and have used its power to take over the Republic. So Fund's choices were false ones because it's pretty clear the labor unions use midichlorians convince governments that it's capable of superhuman equations like:

    Retirement at 50 + generous overtime + pensions at 100% of salary - accountability = balanced budget

Hopefully life imitates art, and the ragtag band of fiscally sane conservatives elected a few months ago will overcome the odds and defeat the fiscal death star that is currently at t-minus 10 seconds away from blowing up the world's economy with its beam of irresponsible narcissism workers rights.

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Where's WaldObama in Wisconsin?

Click to see larger versions...

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"Progressives" Know How Their Bread Gets Buttered

Knee jerk reactions favoring unions is about a lot more than money for the left...

I Can't Believe It's Not Communism Wealth Spread

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A Modest Proposal: Make Democrats Wear "Democracy Burkas"

If there is any question how the party that accuses the GOP as constitution and democracy tramplers would handle respect for the will of the people let this be the answer.

Law enforcement officers are searching for Democratic senators boycotting a Senate vote on Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair plan Thursday in an attempt to bring the lawmakers to the floor to allow Republicans to act on the bill.

As Republicans denounced the move, one Democratic senator said that he believed most of the members of his caucus are in another state....

The bill would help balance the state budget by cutting benefits for public workers and stripping them of almost all their union bargaining rights.

More here at the Journal Sentinel 

If my memory serves me correctly the same tactic was used when the Texas GOP's redistricting made Dems cry a few years back. In Congress the GOP is the party of "no." Call me crazy, but I think that's a lot less cowardly than being the party of "no show."

It's getting really old hearing these people carp on and on about how the right flouts democracy when it's the left that ignore public opinion polls and the anger of their own constituents. Now Dems in Wisconsin don't even want to respect the decisions of the people their electorate put into power.

If the shoe were on the other foot the left would say it was just another example of a long list of non-existent ways the right hates the will of the people.

This is not civil disobedience, our representatives are given the privalege, and often times paid hansomely, to be entrusted by the public to set and vote on policy. With that comes no guarantee that they can and will get their way...ESPECIALLY when their party is in the minority.

If there aren't enough burkas in the country we can borrow from the Robert Byrd collection

All of that said, I'd like to suggest a modest proposal that all Democrats be required to wear "democracy burkas" from now on. These are basically burkas modified to have the American flag on them. On the outside people see "AMERICA!" This is obviously symbolic, which leads me to phase two of my modest proposal:

Change the Democratic Party slogan from "Change that Matters" to "Never judge a book by its cover"

I know this sounds an awful lot like the markings Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany, but its not...the Jews didn't deserve to be singled out. Besides if we ever go overboard and round them up we're just going to send them to San Francisco anyway.

They'll like that. Put peanut butter on a spoon and let a dog lick it forever like they just entered heaven. Thats a liberal in San Francisco...wearing their Democracy Burka.

I know it sounds crazy, insane, and should be rejected on it's face, but after seeing Obama's $1.6 trillion deficit guarantee for next year I think this is just as deserving of the nation's consideration.

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Will Lara Logan's Attack Provide Another Chance To Miss A Real Teachable Moment?

It's amazing how "unplugged" from the world you can become when you bring a new life into the world, suddenly the other 6 billion people in it completely fade into the background. My phone, which is perpetually trained on The Drudge Report and Memeorandum have been neglected like the black ink cabinet at the CBO. I care, and I've been anxious to get back to heckling the liberals of the world, but its amazing how disinterested a brand new baby that you just made, in your arms, can make you.

So, I just found out about Lara Logan's sexual assault last Friday in Cairo. As this is a blog that strives for humor, its obvious that there is absolutely nothing funny that can be gleaned from this.

One thing that we can take away is that in addition to it being a tragedy, and that it should be the height of embarrassment for any nation to have this happen, it should also highlight the complete absurdity of the efforts our government takes to pat down, and "randomly" check, for "security reasons," blond soccer moms that want to fly to Topeka....or....

Lara Logan was merely doing her job, and savage beasts attacking her without provocation in the middle east region of the world would be cliche, but for the naivete of liberal political correctness that reacts as if something like this could never have been seen coming.

Imagine if she walked into an Al Qaeda headquarters and asking to become a new recruit. "Regular Joes" in Egypt didn't trust or appreciate her enough to tell their story to us, is there anyone other than Janet Napolitano and the rest of the Obama administration that doesn't think would do worse than a group of savage street thugs?

The left wont learn anything from this. What happened to Lara Logan is really just the latest in a LONG list of crimes against humanity in general, and women specifically, that have been perptrated in that part of the world for decades, centuries even...if you want to be a stickler for keeping score.

Every time something like this happens it's a real "teachable moment" for the entire world. The right has understood this since 9-11 while the left still can't figure out how to just get the dunce cap up above their eyes.

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My Latest Reason to Fight for What's "Right" In This Life

I am officially a daddy! I'm pleased to introduce baby Catherine Anne "McAndersen."

Now I know what you're thinking, because I thought the same thing...boy does she look sharper than Biden!

If you saw the way her lip quivers when she cries, its not only SUPER-cute, but it's the best impression of liberals arguing I've ever seen.

After all this time I finally have a muse!

Thank you for all the well wishes and support I've received from so many of you. It has been overwhelming. I'm blessed to have my new daughter, and blessed again for the friends I have, and have made through this blog.

I'm looking forward to getting the hang of this whole dad thing so I can get back to doing my thing here. No rush though :-)

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Going On Baby Watch...(With Updates, Like Today Bing Her Birthday)

I've mentioned this only a few times, so it may be a surprise to most that my wife and I have been expecting our very first little conservative foot soldier (is still it too soon to be using that "rhetoric" again?), and "baby watch" offically starts now. Our due date is still about a week away, but today for medical reasons the doctors may have to force this baby on us immediately.

When I say "force" on us, I do NOT mean it like I'm talking about ObamaCare. She's going to be way cuter than the accounting tricks used to say it reduces the deficit. She'll be way more fun than a Canadian emergency room pergatory. Everyone we know wants our baby to come, so she enjoys a 100% approval rating. She wont cost us (or you) nearly as much, and the messes she's going to make wont be anywhere close to being as disgusting as this is...

The only place that flowchart belongs in is a dirty diaper.

When she arrives, posting over the following several days will be spotty, if at all, except for maybe updates...


***UPDATES (in order of newest to oldest)***

February 15 - Today is my daughters birthday. It's not how we imagined it would come, scheduled. We thought it we were going to do it naturally. Yeah labor would be long and painful, like the shock my brain gave me when I considered becoming a Democrat in college (because they don't have brains and mine was reminding me of that), but it was important that we did it the way God intended us to give birth. We realize doctors don't order c-sections unless there is some kind of risk to doing it naturally, and her safety comes first no matter what! So we are ready for this!

At the time of this writing we are 30 minutes away from leaving for the hospital, so I better get off this keyboard and go get ready. I'm sure my wife wouldn't appreciate seeing me blogging and testing our daughters pacifiers in one of her now destroyed onesies.

The wife wont believe it's my Lady Gaga costume, again.

February 14 - Since the baby is breach and the doctor says the chance of her flipping into position is very slim at this point, we have gone ahead and scheduled a c-section has been scheduled for tomorrow. So I will officially be a dad in less than 24 hours!!! I think I'll be good for one more post and then I'll probably have to check out for a couple of days.

February 11 - Wife had her fluid levels check, her OB was concerned they were getting too low to let the pregnancy continue without intervention. The levels went up from the last visit so we're good for today. She has another appointment on Tuesday. Our little girl is currently breach and our due date is the 20th, so they'll probably schedule a c-section in the likelihood she doesn't flip or have her fluid levels drop to a point that is too low to continue. Other than this minor detail we've been blessed with one of the easiest pregnancies probably in the history of man, and we're told her vitals look great. So no complaints!

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