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The Koch Brothers vs. The Caucus of Union "Paupers"

This obsession liberals have with making the Koch brothers the scapegoat for all things conservative these days is just too nauseating. They don't cry like babies when, as Eleanor Clift on "The McLaughlin Group" puts it below, "monied interests" like George Soros stick their billion dollar noses in our business.

I love Pat Buchanan laughing at the stupid harpy when she wonders why people think Walker is representing the people. Elections never seem to count when it's not their ilk who won.

I also loved how John McLaughlin told them to let her finish, like he was doing her a favor. If Clift thinks she is fooling anyone with her intellect then she must think we're pretty damn dumb, because she makes a 40 watt bulb look like a supernova.

So what about the Koch brothers? Why don't we consult liberalism's public enemy number 1......


According to Koch Industries contributed exactly $43,500 to the governors race, which is .19% of the total money raised, and a WHOPPING .47% of the total contributions to Scott Walker's campaign.

Who contributed MORE than the Koch brothers to the Wisconsin governors race?

    International Union Of Painters & Allied Trades - $43,528
    Wisconsin Laborers District Council - $47,400
    Wisconsin Afscme - $48,600
    Electrical Workers - $49,000

So according to Clift, Scott Walker is looking out for "monied interests," meanwhile the unions (and the above is just a partial list) are throwing around money like they're starring in a rap video and outspending the Koch brothers, at a minimum, by 4 to 1...and that makes them what?

A caucus of paupers?

All of that money filled Democrat coffers, is anyone really dumb enough to suggest the Wisconsin Fleebaggers are acting out of principle?

h/t iOwnTheWorld for the video