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Will Lara Logan's Attack Provide Another Chance To Miss A Real Teachable Moment?

It's amazing how "unplugged" from the world you can become when you bring a new life into the world, suddenly the other 6 billion people in it completely fade into the background. My phone, which is perpetually trained on The Drudge Report and Memeorandum have been neglected like the black ink cabinet at the CBO. I care, and I've been anxious to get back to heckling the liberals of the world, but its amazing how disinterested a brand new baby that you just made, in your arms, can make you.

So, I just found out about Lara Logan's sexual assault last Friday in Cairo. As this is a blog that strives for humor, its obvious that there is absolutely nothing funny that can be gleaned from this.

One thing that we can take away is that in addition to it being a tragedy, and that it should be the height of embarrassment for any nation to have this happen, it should also highlight the complete absurdity of the efforts our government takes to pat down, and "randomly" check, for "security reasons," blond soccer moms that want to fly to Topeka....or....

Lara Logan was merely doing her job, and savage beasts attacking her without provocation in the middle east region of the world would be cliche, but for the naivete of liberal political correctness that reacts as if something like this could never have been seen coming.

Imagine if she walked into an Al Qaeda headquarters and asking to become a new recruit. "Regular Joes" in Egypt didn't trust or appreciate her enough to tell their story to us, is there anyone other than Janet Napolitano and the rest of the Obama administration that doesn't think would do worse than a group of savage street thugs?

The left wont learn anything from this. What happened to Lara Logan is really just the latest in a LONG list of crimes against humanity in general, and women specifically, that have been perptrated in that part of the world for decades, centuries even...if you want to be a stickler for keeping score.

Every time something like this happens it's a real "teachable moment" for the entire world. The right has understood this since 9-11 while the left still can't figure out how to just get the dunce cap up above their eyes.