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Are Conservative Democrats Finally Figuring Out Their Incompatibility With Liberalism?

This post is a little more adult than most...there's your fair warning...

For Democrats, Ashley Bell was the kind of comer that a party builds a future on: A young African American lawyer, he served as president of the College Democrats of America, advised presidential candidateJohn Edwards and spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

But after his party's midterm beat-down in November, Bell, a commissioner in northern Georgia's Hall County, jumped ship. He joined the Republicans...

"I think the midterms showed you really can't be a conservative and be a member of the Democratic Party," Bell said...

Many of the defectors have echoed Bell's assertion that Democrats have become too liberal.

More at The Los Angeles Times

I was working on something in my kitchen last night, and my wife was channel surfing and came to some "Sex and the City" rerun where Carrie was dating a guy she had nothing in common with, but she stayed with him because he provided her with "mind-blowing sex."

Unless orgasms enable people to prove the theory of relativity I don't know what "mind-blowing sex" actually is, and I was wondering why fate wasn't letting me tune out a television show that makes my brain shrivel, until reading this piece from the L.A. Times....which also makes my brain shrivel.

Its true, check Wikipedia

Dating people you barely know beyond sex sounds like the perfect recipe for a relationship with liberalism.

Carrie was like a conservative Democrat, and the party has been screwing her for decades.

It's not that Democrats have become too liberal, they've been too liberal. The party didn't just leave Reagan, it left everyone not dumb enough to be happy living in Berkeley, CA.

I know so many people whose values have nothing in common with liberalism and wouldn't even vote Democrat if they weren't born into families that taught them to vote that way...kind of like the klan, but less offensive...because I say so.

The core of the Democratic party has become socialism, liberals who deny this are either ignorant or Obama did right before the Super Bown with Bill O'Reilly.

They beat you 'cuz they love you.

Mr. "Spread the wealth" tells Bill he's no socialist because he's banking on people like Bell to believe he's not.

Too bad for our fearless leader that it appears conservative dems are getting tired of making excuses that sound like they're missing the punchline, "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is."


The centrist wing of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Leadership Council is facing impending doom. Read the story from Politico here (h/t Memorandum)