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My 100th Birthday Ode to Ronald Reagan

When I was born Jimmeh Cartah's presidency was on it's death bed and the decision to pull the plug on his life support was made by Dr. American Voters about a month earlier. So admittedly I don't KNOW Reagan and the politics of that time as well as the Limbaughs and the Hannitys because I was watching Smurfs and playing G.I. Joe, sometimes at the same time (I was an early multitasker).

I do know this about Reagan, Carter's failure jolted my parents into caring about politics. They realized that there are consquences to a president being a bumbling idiot. The country was in decline, and there was a belief that we were about to take a back seat to the Soviet Union. They held a lot of hope that Reagan was going to be a step in the right direction, so you can imagine how happy they, and the country, were to see that we voted for someone who sprinted there.

Liberals and "progressives" can say what they want about Reagan, and they are, but this country's love for him is undeniable. He believed in America and a love for freedom and liberty, he believed in the goodness of the electorate, and he wore his belief in Him on his sleeve. Or as Robert Gibbs tried to put it with Obama, Reagan was obviously Christian.

Get over it libs, nobody cares about FDR...or Karl Marx

All of that was contagious on a global level, and it makes the left jealous. They're jealous that nearly 7 years after his death he is still very much alive to us all. That's why they've been tearing him down as much as we've been celebrating him this last week.

Below is a clip of my one of my most favorite Reagan moments. Everyone knows it well, so I don't have to tee it up. I can't watch it without getting chills. If anyone needed a nutshell version of who he was, and they didn't have half an hour for a A Time for Choosing, I think this video would be the best substitute I could think of, then again, moments like the one below are too numerous to choose a "best."

Does this sound like someone battling Alzheimers, as accused by his doting son?

His advisors advised him not to tell Gorbechev to tear down the wall. Liberals nearly lost their lunch over it, and the commies lost their communism.

Now they lose their lunch because their fearless first lady wants to take it from them. What a difference a generation makes.

Sarah Palin is right Reagan was one of a kind. Happy 100th Gipper.