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Why ObamaCare Gets Ruled Unconstitutional

Another great one from YouTube user Battlefield315.

I would say it's not fair that he (I'm assuming its a he) doesn't recruit a liberal to write that side of the script, but then I worry that the conversation wouldn't sound as intelligent if that was arranged...

On a side note...I'm starting to think Battlefield315 is a bit of a misogynist? Why does the woman have to be the liberal bubblehead in these videos?

Now thats more homophobic than anything! Just because a man is gay doesn't make him feminine.

Or gay... book cover judger

Oh come on! You don't even know if those guys are liberal!!!

It's just a walk, the president isn't a coordinated guy, that's all! Some people are born that way...I mean, have you ever seen him bowl or pitch a baseball...the dude throws like a gir - wait a sec...