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GOP Buffoons Like Chris Lee Know How the GOP Spells "Hypocrisy"

That the media harbors animus toward all things right of center is a secret that is guarded about as closely as

As a result, Republicans have to be better than good because even the most innocuous stuff gets taken out of context.

Being better than the Dems shouldn't be very difficult, because we ARE better than them. It's like I put it last fall.

The right isn't perfect, but we're better, and more adult than the immature left. We champion moral values because we think they're still important, and actually central to upholding the Judeo-Christian ethic the nation was founded on.


Hypocrisy... R-E-S-I-G-N ...hypocrisy

That depends on how the GOP chooses to spell out what that means to them.

This is one of the few exceptions where I really think Reagan's 11th commandment need not apply. Idiocy like what now former-Congressman Chris Lee pulled would slide if he was a Democrat, not only because the media would be biased in their coverage, but also because the left has no actual sense of morality. That's why the personal failings of the lemmings on their side of the cliff are hung on the refrigerator, cherished, and bragged about like the messy pre-school fingerpaintings they are.

Yeah, they look like utter crap, but there's no wrong way to do it anyway. So they're all actually masterpieces!

Yes, it was called "Chez Mantry"

Liberals, I know you think this is a bunch of partisan bluster, and I'm only saying all of this because I'm a conservative on my high horse that- HEY! Wasn't it recently re-elected Barney Frank's boyfriend who was running a gay brothel out of Barney's pantry?

Lefties could be caught cannibalizing babies, and it wouldn't even be a scandal to other liberals unless they were loaded with trans fats.