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"Progressivism’s" Lofty Perch of Moral Bankruptcy

George W. Bush canceled a trip to Switzerland after human rights groups pressed for the former president’s arrest on torture charges, the Guardian reports.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, an organization pressing for Bush’s arrest, says they “have no doubt he cancelled his trip to avoid our case.” Amnesty International says “an investigation would be mandatory under Switzerland’s international obligations if President Bush entered the country.” The United Israel Appeal, the group that was planning to host Bush in Geneva, says that the calls for an arrest warrant were not a factor in the former president’s decision to stay away.

More at The Daily Caller

Their big beef is, of course, waterboarding. Does waterboarding suck? Yeah, it does. Thats why I'm not going to do anything to deserve it.

Since "progressives" fancy themselves champions of education I'd be more than happy to accept their money to establish a school on how not to get waterboarded. Its easy. I just need enough money to cover the cost of hosting this blog post with the following pointers:

  1. Don't be a terrorist
  2. Don't hang out with terrorists
  3. Repeat items 1 and 2 until you come to terms with the reality that the sexual revolution has meant modern women simply don't wait until martyrdom anymore. (I tell ya''s all going to hell in a hand basket.)
Then it's performance art

In fairness to Bush, everything is torture to these wieners. They think spanking is torture unless its part of some sex theme party titled "Prelude to Abortion."

It's a mighty lofty perch the "progressives" likes to squat on. Just recently a bunch of lefties were at a rally for a group called Common Cause and were calling for torture and death to conservative Supreme Court justices over a perceived connection to the Tea Party.

This connection by the way has been addressed and debunked by the Wall Street Journal, here.

For those keeping score, the same people who don't see the moral confusion of supporting abortion on demand, AND abolition of the death bring you "justified" death threats to conservative judges incorrectly identified with the tea party, AND the arrest of American presidents who give terrorists modified swirlies until they divulge secrets to evil attacks that could kill thousands.

It's such a bummer that I can't expand my mind to see the shades of gray morally bankrupt "progressives" can. They should lobby Crayola to finally give them what they rightly deserve.