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What I Know About Egypt...

As a result, President Obama has had the moment practically all to himself — for better or worse — as he gingerly proceeds without a sustained counterargument on a matter that could reshape United States foreign policy for years. The lack of debate underscores the relative absence of muscular Republican voices on foreign affairs in general, a sharp contrast to the way things were four years ago, when President George W. Bush’s Iraq policy was a flashpoint between the two parties at this point in the election cycle.

To some degree, the silence from Republicans reflects a lack of substantive differences, especially on Egypt. House Speaker John A. Boehner set the tone on Sunday, saying, “Our administration so far has handled this tense situation pretty well.” And in the Senate,Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, said Tuesday, “America ought to speak with one voice, and we have one president.”

From The New York Times

I love this dichotomy that the world likes to play out that either the United States can't screw this up and there's really not much we can do to influence the chaos in a sovereign nation.

The line appears to be it's time for Mubarak to go find a pyramid to crawl in. I know this makes Israel upset because the status quo was working for them. While I'm all for giving the concerns of our greatest ally there primary consideration, the man is in his 80's! They're just going to kicking the can down the road in what will feel like a flash in the pan.

Besides, why would the GOP argue for an Egyptian autocracy that operates on heredity after spending the last decade arguing for the proliferation of Middle East democracy? Is the NYT suggesting they want a fight on this?

I don't really know what else to say, I've stayed away from the matter for the most part because I don't know much about the country except:

There's a lot of dirt...LOTS of dirt...and it fetches a higher price on the market than the dollar.

The Nile River runs backwards so it probably also votes Democrat.

Their ancient society must've been pretty advanced, because you can't make pyramids with Lincoln Logs.

They have a huge sphinx, which I would bet is REALLY smelly...unless I'm mistaken that sphinx translates into English as sphincter.

When they talk word bubbles appear because the official language is hieroglyphics

Unless I have martial arts training that could kick Batman's ass, I will never go there.

I don't know what the end result will look like when the dust settles, which over there is definitely pure expression. If it's not it explains a lot about why fighting never ends...

Anyway, in the end I pray the people of Egypt get a better government out of this, because at some point that will matter to us all.