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Getting In on the Glenn Beck "Joke"

It's a long video, and its not what Beck says that is important to this post, it's the left's reaction to it that is...

Here was the liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan's take on the video

Above is a Glenn Beck clip that Michael Moynihan calls "the dumbest thing ever broadcast on (non-cable access) television....."

As I've said before, lots of Glenn Beck listeners aren't in on the joke. Unlike Roger Ailes, Jonah Goldberg, and every staffer at the Heritage Foundation happy hour, they don't realize that the Fox News Channel puts this man on the air fully understanding that large parts of his program are  uninformed nonsense mixed with brazen bullshit. When a Fox News host tells these viewers, "I'm not going to treat you like you're a moron," playing on their insecurity about other media outlets talking down to or lying to them, they take it at face value. What sort of callous, immoral person allows these viewers to be played for fools?

Read the entire thing here

If you think I cherry picked the fluffiest part of Sully's rant and am framing it as his best attempt to intelligently explain how it's the dumbest thing ever broadcast, you can click the link above to see if he elaborates, but don't waste your time. Sully, or any of the other liberal bloggers I've seen comment on this, never actually go there.

Do I think Tunisia is an "Archduke Ferdinand moment?" I have no idea.

I do know that Beck is entitled to his opinion, even if they left gets pissy that it's not the one they give him, at least (take notes Sully) he explains himself.

If the only other people in said room are blow up dolls

Wait, what am I saying? How can I question liberals when they're always the smartest people in the room?

For years now they've painted Beck as a lunatic, or stupid, or without intellectual authority because he's not college educated by the finest "little Eichmann" bloodhounds money can buy.

I've never heard anything remotely resembling an argument, or rebuttal, or logic used to push back on the merit of anything that comes out of Beck's show, which they probably don't even watch.

Apparently they think Beck is hanging himself and all they just have to do is show some YouTube clip and then congratulate themselves for not screwing up the embed code.

With my college degree I guess I'm technically more educated than Beck is, and I don't see what they see. I don't arrogantly assume that people who patronize Beck media are so myopic in their news media consumption that they crawl back into their hole when he goes off the air and only return with his radio show in the morning, thus preventing themselves from ever having a chance to bask in the glow of Andrew Sullivan's 40 watts of enlightening brilliance.

Clearly, I should have my bachelors degree revoked since I am one of millions who don't think that what Beck has to say is "brazen bullshit."

Why is it NOT true that Sully and his ilk, when it comes to understanding the geopolitical and economic danger we face, are in such a state of denial it's a wonder they don't think movies like "Inception" are documentaries?

If they think saying so amounts to the ravings of a lunatic they need to make a much better case than "because I say so."