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Maybe Palin Should Have Said "Blood Slander" Instead

My schedule today delayed my ability to hear Palin give her her video statement on the Tucson shooting. I did however, get to see a lot of analysis on it before hand, and until a little bit ago I was left with the impression that she totally blew it. The reason for this ended up being something beyond childish.

Ezra Klein's take on Palin's "Blood Libel" quip.

I just don't care if Palin thought "blood libel" was a vivid way of saying "nasty smear" instead of a description of the once-common anti-Semitic trope that Jews murder Christian children because their blood is needed to bake matzoh. I'm Jewish, so I know the term well. But I imagine the history of it is more obscure to those who didn't attend Hebrew school. This is not worth the headlines it's been getting.

I have to confess I was unfamiliar with this phrase and the fact it is supposed to be some sort of a Jewish version of the "n-word" to non-Jewish "progressives." I'm glad the left has finally found a reason to defend Jews now. Here is Alan Dershowitz thanking them for this defense.

There is nothing improper and certainly nothing anti-Semitic in Sarah Palin using the term to characterize what she reasonably believes are false accusations that her words or images may have caused a mentally disturbed individual to kill and maim.

How's THAT for gratitude?

There was so much good in Palin's speech, the fact that "progressives" and the media have become apoplectic about a creative (and technically correct) way to describe the smearing she has had to endure speaks volumes on how unassailable 99.99% 100% of what she had to say really was.

They damn well know it too. Which is why they're doing what they do best now. Even the "reputable" ABC news can't help themselves

Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story. I live in the freakin' Matrix or something? That video was made to address and denounce how the left made Palin part of the story. Palin - at the risk of inciting sex offenders to spring into action - let them rape her reputation for 4 days before responding to their making this about her. Was the idiot who wrote that sentence born yesterday?

The American left is becoming some kind of childish version of Jersey Shore. No I'm not being redundant, it's the childish version. When I look at analysis from the likes of Andrew Sullivan and Howard Kurtz I'm beginning to feel like the Snookis of the world are more capable of processing its perils than people like those two.

Maybe Palin should've come up with something that would apparently be less assailable than "blood libel." I'm not sure what that something would be since these weiners find phrases like "nucyoolar," "vote Republican" and "In God We Trust" to be offensive.

Maybe she should've said "blood slander" so the media wouldn't have been able to do their sniping from behind the Jews' skirts.

It's a futile task anyway, because everything conservatives say is a "big f**king deal" to these people. That's because they don't understand why they can't just blame her for the actions of a man operating on vaporized sanity. The concept of personal responsibility is above their paygrade because they view all things conservative through hate tinted lenses.

It's the same reason they won't let her defend herself now, it would force them to see the real blame lies in the reflection of a mirror.