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I'm Confused, Does The College Democrat Logo Look Like Falling or Shooting Stars?

Whichever it may be, it's definitely WAY over the top...

College Democrats Logo

...and I hope this doesn't inspire some crazy person to light themselves on fire and sky dive onto a gas station, because I don't want join talk radio and Fox News in going through the motions of pointing out how something like that is obviously connected to the rhetoric that comes out of MSNBC.

Then again, I might not have to say so, because THAT would go without saying wouldn't it?

(seriously now) This is almost...almost...worse than the new official logo the Democrats use. I don't know, maybe its just me...but probably not.

At least this one makes sense. Just sayin'...I'm sure this was a banner they were proud to carry with them into the last election.

This is what they get for following me on Twitter, I would've never seen this otherwise (or it would have taken a while).


After sharing this post on Free Republic I got a lot of great perspectives on this logo, here are a few of them:

The logo appears to have red spikes.

On first glance, they look like daggers. Next glance, they look like tentacles, reaching into every corner of our lives. Or they could be flames, destroying our way of life.

Stars with skid-marks?! Just a thought.

the only shooting stars that come to mind when I think of Democrats are the drug-addled variety in Hollyweird...

Looks like Freddie Krugger wiped his claws in that rag. Definitely a symbol of death and hate. Ban it!

Someone threw three rocks through the window and now the house is on fire.

Where are the other 54 stars?

It’s a burning flag.

Starfish cooking on a grill

How patriotic! It’s the stars and carrots.

Looks like weird red fingers coming out.

I dunno, if you rotate it left it looks kinda like a flat birthday cake with 6 weird red candles and three stars.

Those red stripes look like knives or swords.