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Crazy Doesn't Know Partisan Politics

I normally take time when tragedy like the shooting at an event with congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) happens because I really want see what's happening before drawing any conclusions. Then there are some people, like Marty Kaplan over at the Huffington Post, who take the opportunity to politicize this before the blood spilled has even had a chance to dry....

I'm not saying that putting a bullseye on Arizona Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' congressional race - as Sarah Palin did - was an explicit or intentional invitation to violence. Nor am I saying that the "Get on Target for Victory" events held by the guy Giffords beat - "Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly" - was the reason her assassin went after her. This tragedy is still unfolding, and the questions of motive and incitement will be argued about for a long time to come.

But I am saying that the "lock and load"/"take up your arms" rhetoric of American politics isn't just an overheated metaphor.....

You can read the rest of this garbage here.

I don't know if a guy like Jared Loughner...

...would have looked to Sarah Palin or Jesse Kelly for inspiration. Then again, I know as much about this guy as Kaplan does.

One thing I know for sure is that Jared Loughner, if everything turns out the way it looks to be going, is a crazed lunatic who doesn't fit into any box. Certainly not the one that Kaplan (based on the column he wrote) would want to put him in.

Crazy is as crazy does. It doesn't know reality, much less partisan politics.

That never stops the left from tying lunatic behavior to the rhetoric of conservatism and people who subscribe to it. Put any Tea Party rally up against any pro-illegal immigration rally. Tally up the number of arrests that get made for people getting out of hand at these events.

How many Christian conservatives do you see at the G8 protests? I don't think you need to count on even one hand to arrive at the number.

Is one side perfect over the other? Of course not! The incident last year with what happened to liberal activist Lauren Valle having her head "stompped" at a Rand Paul campaign event is an example of this (it's also the exception).

The way Kaplan carries on you'd think politically motivated assassination by people who are insane was only invented today. Crazy people weren't waiting for the rhetoric of Sarah Palin like some code word to activate.

Putting on kneepads, a helmet, and attaching warning signs to rhetoric and metaphor don't prevent crazy people from doing crazy things. Neither does wiping them from existence.This guy appears to be an axe grinder fueled by total delusion. Nothing would ever make him happy. Giffords could've been a member of the "Jared Loughner Is Infallibly Brilliant Party" and this tragedy would not have been prevented..

Then again, as stated before, I don't know Jared Loughner.

Neither does Marty Kaplan, who should be ashamed of himself for politicizing this so quickly.