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Summing Up the 2011 State of the Union in Three Words...

Ok, not an entirely honest post title, but it's not "lefty spending freeze" dishonest. Three words will sum it up, but I need to lay some foundation first.

To start, Jennifer Rubin over at the Washington Post says it pretty well...

If you were expecting a moderate Obama or a bold Obama, you were disappointed, most likely, by Tuesday's State of the Union Address. In a nutshell: Obama proposed a ton of new domestic spending, promised to freeze discretionary spending (attained by savaging defense), abstained from offering specifics on entitlement reform and largely ignored major foreign policy changes. Moreover, the delivery was so listless that this State of the Union address likely garnered less applause than any address in recent memory....But it was also a flat and boring speech, too long by a third. Can you recall a single line?

More here (h/t Memeorandum)

State of the Union Just Blew It