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MSNBC's Most Useful Idiot

Maybe his application to the Fox News country club keeps getting rejected, but I don't know what the deal with Joe Scarborough is that he feels the need to be some kind of conservative rhetoric-mole for his lefty overlords.

Maybe that's just his station in life, but if he's sincere about his latest piece at Politico, "Moving past right-wing rhetoric," then he has a really funny way of saying "allow me."

But before you (referring to Glenn Beck) and the pack of right-wing polemicists who make big bucks spewing rage on a daily basis congratulate yourselves for not being responsible for Jared Lee Loughner’s rampage, I recommend taking a deep breath. Just because the dots between violent rhetoric and violent actions don’t connect in this case doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the possibility — or, as many fear, the inevitability — that someone else will soon draw the line between them.

Actually, someone already has. When you get a minute, Google “Byron Williams” and “Tides Foundation” to see just how thin a layer of ice Beck skates on every day.

See his entire diatrabe at Politico (h/t Memeorandum)

I did Google Byron Williams, and I found this enlightening piece from Reason Magazine. If you don't want to read it I'll nutshell it for you:

Byron Williams was labeled "progressive hunter" (mocking Beck's use of the term) by Media Matters after police prevented him from killing members of the liberal Tides Foundation and ACLU in San Francisco.

He's a fan of Glenn Beck, who has attacked the Tides Foundation on his show, which draws a direct line to the point liberals were trying to safety pin (so nobody gets hurt) on conservatives last week via Jared Loughner.

Reason Magazine points out that Williams is a career criminal who already knew about the Tides Foundation before Beck ever mentioned it on his show and....

Williams is the one who decided to set out to San Francisco to kill some liberals, the same way he decided years earlier to set out to rob a bank.

An important part of maintaining civility is humility, this facilitates honesty, and people don't "heat up" when you replace the assembly line of lies with good faith arguments.

So maybe Joey should check his centrist pride at the door and Google Byron Williams himself before targeting Beck and popping off about Williams like he's....some kind of...smoking...guuuunnnnnn........I mean, safety pin?

I always wonder when people carp (usually with actual rage) about how crazy Beck and Palin are if they've spent even 5 minutes really listening to what they have to say. They "spew rage?" Yeah there are times when Beck gets a little fired up, but that fire runs colder than any leftist protest, which have done much more than "spew rage," over the last 50 years.

I will say something nice about Joe Scarborough, if MSNBC has good health benefits he'll never have prostate cancer being their puppet.