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Sterilizing Our "Rhetoric"

If the left wants to ban rhetoric and sayings that are kind of tangentially but not really is offensive and dangerous, like put targets on a map (something they've also done but in a totally irrelevant way) then EVERYTHING should be on the table...

Target - Retail superstore my foot, that place is a country club for assassins.

Kill two birds with one stone - this one is to please PETA, besides its more efficient to say "thats efficient," so banning this kills two birds with one stone.

French fries - Someone might nuke France, lets call it something like "potato fingers", that would encourage about spud buddies...too fun, kids will like that, which means Michelle wont...OH! I got it!!! We'll just ban them.

Egg beaters - "Planned Parenthood" says the proper terminology is "choice," thanks.

Hope - It rhymes with rope. Why do you want to associate rope with a black man? Racist...


Bullet train - don't ask me if calling it that is more or less dangerous than a Hummer with a leaky fuel line...God's existence is easier to prove.

Teleprompters - I can't have fancy gadgets like the president to help me find the words to describe how I feel, guess I have to use my fists.

YOU LIE! - The person who says this is obviously telling saying to go find a coffin.

Sh*t faced - If thats not racist against minorities then why don't white people get "bird-sh*t faced?"

High on life - Not without prescription we can tax pal

Hotter than Hell - Not to atheists

Wife beater - Why do you want to make Barney Frank feel left out?...Homophobe.

Club Med -  is not a euphemism for what ObamaCare is doing to medicine

Killin' time - Don't you dare accuse the Obama Administration of murder!

Soda jerk - there is no reason to name call just because Michelle Obama wants children to be healthy ...

Mailman - Biden thinks this is sexist, and the women who do this work should be called Femailmen.

Heart attack - liberals think that's Cheney's weapon of choice when he's not hunting

Targeted tax cuts - If we can't put targets on maps then how dare we put them on liberals' beloved taxes?