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Blaming Palin Becomes Obvious After the Straight Jacket Buckle is Fastened

Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast on the zombie-like like feeding frenzy the left is having with Sarah Palin over the Tucson massacre:

I hate to say this, but the blame game is already under way.

It began within hours of Saturday's horrifying shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and nearly 20 others, even before the gunman was identified.

One of the first to be dragged into this sickening ritual of guilt by association: Sarah Palin....

This isn't about a nearly year-old Sarah Palin map; it's about a lone nutjob who doesn't value human life....

Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic offers a rebuttal creatively titled, Mr Kurtz, He [sic] Dead Wrong, which posits this "disintigrates upon even momentary reflection."

When public officials are gunned down in public, it is deeply relevant to figure out why, and to ask questions and seek answers immediately. Those questions and answers will inevitably involve politics. To describe this process as "sickening" is a bizarre view for a journalist.

Is that how the process works? That's interesting, because I was under the impression that the process actually went something like this:

1. We could Google Jared Loughner to discover if he left a digital paper trail of insanity. He did, and it was on Myspace...remember Myspace? He must've not wanted to it to be seen.

2. While in the custody of law enforcement, agents should start a blog speculating that he got his trigger-happy high from conservative rhetoric such as "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun" - wait....oh yeah, Obama said that.


2. While in the custody of law enforcement, agents could...I don't know...ASK HIM why he did it, and after he shows them an unopened prescription bottle of "psycho-be-gone" they could hand their findings over to Andrew Sullivan, who would now have a rational basis for blaming Sarah Palin.

Nevermind the fact Loughner apparently had a fixation on Giffords since 2007, a bygone time when liberals had to be reminded that Alaska was still a state, much less know who Sarah Palin was.

Nevermind the fact that a person who personally knew Loughner said he was of the liberal persuasion.

Nevermind the fact that he included in his roster of favorite books "The Communist Manifesto."

Nevermind the fact there is a clear history and trail of people concerned that he was in serious need of psychiatric help before Sarah Palin ever uttered a single syllable of the rhetoric in question.

No, none of these things have any relevance to in the "mind" of the likes of Andrew Sullivan. This map...

Palin target map

Oh my gosh, I'm SO SORRY, this is the wrong map! THIS map was created by the Democratic Leadership Council after the 2004 election, and has no relevance whatsoever to the discussion. You see, they used bullseyes, so the only risk they ran was inflaming archers to violence.

Once again, I apologize. Lets try this one more time, this map...

Palin target map the sole reason Jared Loughner got the idea to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords. If only Palin had the foresight to use icons of doves, or ice cream cones, or happy-faced emoticons instead of icons of crosshairs.....IF ONLY....then maybe instead of an assassin Loughner would be a overweight bird-whisperer with brain freeze, diabetes, and a smile so big it would exhaust the Joker.

That's assuming he even saw the map, if he didn't then liberals better start coming up with ways how Palin's Facebook antics could influence someone galavanting around Myspace.

Or are they going to stick with the "because we say so" strategy. That could work out well for them, because I think that line of thinking comes with the tailor that handled Loughner's straight of charge.