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Kevin Smith Uses a Democrat to Stereotype the 'Red State'

Smith has released the first trailer for his upcoming film, 'Red State,' a frightening look at religious extremism in America, based in part on anti-gay, anti-America Kansas pastor Fred Phelps.

Catch the original article at The Huffington Post

I love Kevin Smith's movies....but TIME OUT! TIME THE @#$#$% OUT!

First of all, this movie is going to FAIL, make no mistake about that. Mariah Carey's "Glitter" is going to look like "Avatar's" box office cousin compared to this movie because only a bunch of ignorant liberals who think there is a semblance of reality in it will spend two hours of their life watching it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country will find watching eskimos who observe ice melt in the middle of January to be way more informative.

This is "loosely" based on Fred Phelps? The man is a Democrat, he has run for elected office as one many times throughout his life. He has even been a delegate at the Democratic National Convention. It was George W. Bush who signed Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act passed with a vote from a GOP dominated Congress (that hailed from the states Smith is maligning) in 2006, based on the actions of Phelps's lunatic church.

So...what the hell is Kevin Smith thinking?

The fool is obviously TRYING to paint a portrait of Christian conservatism in America, and he's using a guy who would never vote for them as the backdrop for a work of fiction that's less believable than the comic book world he comes from.

Why doesn't he just make a movie about a guy who preaches the value of working hard, and fights tirelessly to preserve the right of people to keep what they worked to earn, and then say its "loosely" based on Barack Obama?

I've got a better idea, why doesn't he do a film that takes "a frightening look at religious extremism" that acts as an incubator for Sharia Law in America? Or would it be too difficult to get those guys to register Republican?

Here's the movie's trailer, and no I don't owe you a new keyboard because you didn't grab your barf bag before clicking play.