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Is The Constitution Really Too Hard to Understand?

You didn't read the title wrong, get a load of this...

I don't want to get all technical and use big words that might be too hard to understand for any "progressives" reading this...but....


I postulated in a previous post that the left has some sort of intelligence allergy, and I'm sorry to see Ezra Klein once again can't prove me wrong.

Our government, and the Democratic Party especially (by their own cavalier yet inadvertent admission during the ObamaCare debate), has grown so big it has its own gravitational pull, and it has strayed so far from the Constitution it could be its own planet.

The simple fact is the Constitution is perhaps the most plainly worded, easiest to understand governing document in the entire republic. Liberals like Klein want NEED it to be "confusing" so they can justify breaking the rules while telling you they're not. All they care about is power, and the Constitution's limits on power couldn't be clearer if it was the inside of Biden's head. For them it's not a document our government needs to live by, it's an impediment.

Klein might as well have said:

This is too confusing, here's a coloring book, leave the big kid stuff to us.

If it really is a mystery why the GOP thinks the Constitution needs to be read to people who vote 2000 page nation altering bills (that are apparently NOT difficult to understand) why don't we let the queen of the liberal hive (who, incidentally, was also created over 100 years ago) spell it out for him.

So, Ezra, this is not a gimmick, you idiot.

h/t to The Right Scoop (via iOwnTheWorld) for the first video.


Klein offers a rather feeble explanation of his intellectual constipation here. Go there for the explanation, stay for the comments by readers eviscerating it.