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A 2010 Satirical Year in Review

I try on most days to write "headlines" with a humorous or satirical twist that reflect what is going on that day. Here is a round-up of what are my personal favorite/best 30-ish headlines(in chronological order) that give a view of how 2010 went.

I know there is still some time in the year, so I may add to the list as we approach the end of the year.


Attorney For Underwear Bomber's Advises Against "Not Bomb Just Happy To See Allah's Virgins" Defense - January 11

Elizabeth Edwards Successfully Removes Tumor Without Surgery According To Her Divorce Lawyer - January 21

Critics Hail Obama's First State Of The Union As The Feel Good Comedy Event Of The 2010 Campaign Season - January 28

After Pick Of Colts To Win Super Bowl, Obama Laments That If Feces Were Like Gold He'd Be King Midas - February 8

Biden Hypes Obama Version Of Health Care Bill As So Simple Even A Child Will Be Able To Explain It To Him - March 2

When Asked Why It No Longer Covers The Iraq War The Mainstream Media Says Its All Bush's Fault - March 4

Passage Of ObamaCare Decides Wager Between Barney Frank And Obama On Who Can Blow The Democrat Majority Faster - March 22

Barney Frank Declares Love Of Dictators Until Aide Informs Him They’re Not Penis-Shaped French Fries - March 25

NYT Poll Finds 9 In 10 Tea Partiers Unhappy With Obama, 1 In 10 Want The Times To Stop Lying About Them - April 14

Obama Orders Biden To Stop Calling Environmentalists A Bunch Of Crazy "Earthers" - April 23

Obama Rescinds Giddy Approval To Pursue A Tax On Iran After Realizing His Generals Said "Attacks" - April 27

Following Times Square Bombing Attempt Napolitano Issues Statement Assuring "The Department Of DSH Is Not Incompetent" - May 3

News Media Befuddled By Poll Showing Conservatives Don't Hate The Oil-Flooded Gulf Coast Now That It Is Black - May 6

Obama Orders Halt To Cleaning Of Gulf Oil Slick, Declares Waters Protected For Liberal Baptisms - May 12

U.S Sailors Face Court Martial After Getting Drunk And Spending Taxpayer Money Like Sober Greeks - May 17

Biden Accused Pandering To Calderon After Referring To Global Warming As "El Mundo Muy Spicy" - May 21

Gores End 40 Year Marriage When Tipper Finds Out "El Nino" Is Al's Love Child With Mother Nature - June 1

Hillary Clinton issues statement announcing that for Halloween this year she is going to be "vindicated." - October 29

Poll finds 65% of voters would replace entire congress, 35% think they just need more bananas. - October 28

Florida voters punish family of Alan Grayson by sending him home. - November 3

Considering a run for minority leader Pelosi said to be angling for Speaker of the Louse - November 4

Having missed both Memorial Day and now Veterans Day military renames AWOL to stand for "Always With Obama Leaving" - November 11

House fails to strip NPR's funding to the relief of its staff and listener. - November 18

Pelosi announces she will now fly commercial to the dismay of TSA screeners and broom makers alike. - November 23

North Korea blasts American media for Palin's "allies" gaffe, points out they've been under the same impression since Democrats took power. - November 26

WikiLeaks data dump helps make smooth transition from Obama being Thanksgiving's biggest turkey to Christmas's most cooked goose. - November 29

As unemployment rose to 9.8% GOP interrupts Dem high-fives to remind them the goal isn't to hit a "perfect 10." - December 3

Anger at Obama over tax cuts has Democrats feeling more sold out than their Civil War slave trade. - December 7

Julian Assange channels Bill Clinton with rape accusers, confessing to having sex, but he never impaled. - December 7

Shock poll finds majority favor repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell thinking it's the official TSA policy for screening Muslims - December 8

Prospect of Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal going down in senate delights the "Gays For Reinstating The Draft" PAC - December 9

Revelation From Detained Terrorists That Al Qaeda Is Planning Attacks On Christmas Triggers Demand By The ACLU That The Terrorist Organization Not Steal Their Thunder. - December 16

Liberals Support Reid In Insistence Congress Work Through The Holidays To Hammer Out Liberal Agenda Since Christmas Isn't When Obama Was Born Anyway. - December 17

Michelle Obama Rejects Warning Of START Treaty Critics That It's Passage Is Greater Threat To National Security Than Missiles Carrying Warheads Made Of Ding Dongs. - December 20