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Obama's Conservative Well Wishers

Last week I got Obama a little something for the two year anniversary of his election...

iOwnTheWorld shared it with their readers and encouraged well wishers to leave a message. Below are my favorites:

We already wished him well this past Nov. 2nd


For he’s a jolly good fellow,
His pant legs are turning yellow,
His spine is made out of Jell-O,
Which nobody can deny!
(But try, Chris Matthews!)
Which nobody can deny (join in, Katie Couric!), which nobody can deny (now Oprah!)
For he’s a socialist fellow, which the MSM denies.


Happy anniversary, Mr President and thank you We couldn’t have fatally discredited liberalism and the old media without you


Happy Anniversary, Barry! We got you a new Congress!


Happy halfway point of your last term, Comrade Zero.


I flushed TWICE, in hopes my Anniversary Present would reach him faster!


Thank Heaven
For huge egos.
For huge egos get bigger every day.

Thank Heaven
For huge egos.
They blow up in the most delightful way.

Those Democrats
So fragile and now reeling
With all their cash
They’re in the trash
ObamaCare we’re repealing.

Thank Heaven
For huge egos.
Thank Heaven for them all
No matter where, no matter who
They pissed off all the voters
Now they’re screwed.

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