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Did The GOP Lose the Election?

This country, in the best sense, went from a sort of purgatory, to liberal hell, and now it just clawed itself back into purgatory.

Despite Obama's snark about not giving the GOP the keys to the car, it is more clear than ever that he definitely not allowed to do the driving.

boehner obama fist bump

Oh, that's cute....Johnny B is trying to fit in with the cool kid....

So does the New Yorker live in Wonderland or what? What the hell are they trying to say here? That Boehner will be seeking approval from a no-nonsense Obama? They clearly missed the part where the GOP told him to buckle up because the car is about to hit a wall called "no compromise."

The only fist bumping we should be seeing on the cover of any magazine is Obama's fist bumping his arrogant face. Talk about global warming...think about the hot air that would come out of that blow.

Denial may not be a river in Africa, but it definitely flows through the liberal establishment more freely than the air between Biden's ears.