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The Height of Liberal Cynicism

I don't know...cynicism may be too nice of a way to put it...

This is a classic chicken/egg conundrum. Have liberals always been THIS morally depraved, or has the culture bar dropped so low that they now limbo to innocent people dying so inept piles of pinko poop can get their mojo back?

Does tubby there even realize that it wouldn't even be real mojo? He's basically suggesting we need to be tricked into liking Obama again. How??? (look for it at 1:05)...

How did the culture get to this point where the comedians aren't the indelicate pricks before liberal pundits?

There is a moment when Obama can "reconnect" with America in a way that doesn't require liberals to step outside of their abortion bubble and accept the deaths of innocent people as an acceptable means to an end. Its really simple...SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE NATION AND NOT HIS EGO FED POLITICS!

When we get a chance we should make sure Biden knows "mojo" isn't his paparazzi code name for the time he daydreamed hooking up with Michelle.

h/t iOwnTheWorld