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Top 10 Signs President Obama is a Narcissist

10. Michelle never worries about him cheating because the only thing he checks out are mirrors.

9. He tries to get the FDA to register the sound of his voice as a form of Viagra based on "personal experience."

8. Bad acoustics forced him to go with the flow on "yes we can" even though it should have been "yes HE can."

7. He thinks being called "Zero" is a compliment since everything should start with him anyway.

6. He once proposed in a department of education meeting that schools should replace periods with his logo, since everything should end with him too.

5. He stopped using notecards when he realized he could see his reflection in teleprompters.

4. He secretly wears a locket that contains a photo of him on one side and a mirror on the other.

3. He believes there is a cosmic connection between the invention of the wheel and the shape of his logo.

2. There is no birth certificate, his mother told him he always was and always will be...

1. He's not bowing before world leaders, he's looking down on them.