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Taking Advice From Michael Dukakis Is Like...

Earlier this week the Boston Globe posted an article about Michael Dukakis giving advice for the midterm elections to the Obama Administration.

Sounding like the perfect premise for an NBC sitcom iOwnTheWorld did a contest where you fill in the blank....

Taking advice from Michael Dukakis on elections is like taking advice from _____ about ______

And I flippin' missed the deadline for it! So I'm just going to have to post what I've would've come up with here.

Taking advice from Michael Dukakis on elections is like.......

taking advice from cats about barking

taking advice from highlighters about crossing things out

taking advice from Muslims about never needing Valium

taking advice from Tiger Woods about the importance having a clean club

taking advice from Democrats about democracy

taking advice from Harry Reid about the effects of testosterone

taking advice from Socialism about prosperity

taking advice from Biden's brain about existing

taking advice from "reform" bills about preserving trees

taking advice from Barney Frank about undamaged sphincters

taking advice from Hillary Clinton about laughter bringing joy

taking advice from Keith Olbermann about how to get viewers

taking advice from Rachel Maddow about ponytails

taking advice from Helen Keller about Helen Thomas's beauty

taking advice from Michael Dukakis about elections

Check out the hundreds of responses at iOwnTheWorld in the post's comments section here

You can see the original article about Dukakis here

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Top 10 Things Rahm Emanuel Said After Resigning from the Obama Administration

So Rahm is out...but what did he say on the way out? (WARNING: if you don't like "simulated" profanity then this post is not for you...and you should start demanding presidents pick chiefs of staff who don't develop their vocabularies by licking toilets)

Seriously though, this is mocking a guy who Obama once describes as "every day is a swearing in ceremony" so this post is rated R for Rahm's Mouth

10. Man, f**k this f**king corrupt ass administration, you guys are, like, f**king dirtier than my f**king mouth spouting the virtues of f**king capitalism.

9. You've gotta f**king stop Glenn Beck, that fundie retard thinks he can "restore honor" I've got more f**king honor in the urine I just left on the f**king Constitution

8. You better f**king repeal "don't ask don't tell." It's so f**king pointless, I mean, I didn't need when I did f**king ballet!

7. I use too much profane language? Compared to what? F**king ObamaCare?

6. Before I started working for this president I didn't think anyone could suck more than a f**king White House intern.

5. You know what I really want more than being mayor? I just want to f**king dance man


4. What the f**k is up with the new DNC logo? What's the D stand for "f**king DUMBASS?" It looks like one of those f**king alphabet magnets I use to hang my f**king kids art on the f**king fridge

3. I was the one who said ObamaCare was a "big f**king deal" and then Biden had to go and steal it from me on national TV that plagiarist sonova b**ch!.

2. Where do the dark rings under my eyes f**king come from? I'm a liberal f**king Democrat in the f**king Obama you really think I can f**king sleep at night?

1. You guys are so f**king STUPID. Seriously Barack, I'm no spelling whiz but I'm pretty sure you put the "O" in f**king "RETARDED"

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Game Night with Rahm Emanuel

missed opportunity

Click the cartoon to see it at full size

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