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If Angle Needs A Media Decoy, Reid Should Need One Too

From what will now be known on this blog as the Huffyton Post (via Memeorandum)

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle used a decoy to dodge members of the press at an event on Monday, a reporter on the scene tells the Huffington Post.

The Tea Party-backed pol, who has avoided public appearances since offering racially insensitive remarks to a group of Hispanic students, left reporters waiting at an event at a Microsoft Licensing office for nearly two hours (between the time she showed up late until they realized that she had actually left). Getting out of the building without being noticed, however, was tricky. According to Mackenzie Warren, a morning reporter for Reno's NBC-affiliate, KRNV, a staffer for Angle's campaign suckered the press by making it appear that she would be leaving the front entrance (the one she initially entered) while she was, instead, exiting through a side door.

Read the entire article here

File this under "so what?" for me. Liberals have no right to get pissy about this, they don't have media decoys because they don't need them...

Somewhere between his expectation that Hispanics group think their way to the polls for Democrats and his assertion that "negro dialects" can cost votes lies the possibility that Harry Reid would need decoys for himself if he was ever made to feel the heat for his insistently implying the intelligence of minorities is inferior.

He doesn't though, like all Democrats the press is his decoy.

Sharon Angle commented on the way a group of Hispanic students look. To be sure, it was a stupid gaffe to make, but if you're a minority which insult is more forgivable?

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The Most Persuasive Ad to Vote Democrat Yet...

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Conservative Satire Headlines October 25, 2010

Dems see glimmer of hope as new poll shows them winning on a generic ballot that doesn't include the GOP

Reid warns voters that Angle would be a "disaster," cites his expertise in being a disaster.

GOP says victory wont lead to compromise since Obama has compromised the country enough.

Befuddled Biden questions PETA's silence on Scalia teaching Kagan to shoot clay pigeons

Bemoaning voters not giving Dems credit for what they've done, Pelosi is reminded she'll finally get it next week.

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Does Biden Vindicate Dan Quayle Or What?

Biden looks like the Joker

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Why We Have NPR...

Obama's microscopic credibility

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O's Going Down The Drain

I love this graphic...

I don't know who did this, but I'm filling this under W for "wish it was me."

The site where I found it was not the author so I don't want to give undue credit, if you know where this came from leave a comment, or claim it if its yours.


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Elections Have Consequences

Awesome video, I originally found this at iOwnTheWorld, but it comes from Red State

Maxine Waters is the best part of the video. Kudos to the creators, Ben and Caleb Howe.

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Is Your Desk A Measure of Your Intelligence?

One of the best emails I've received in a while! Maybe now my wife will get off my case about the clutter on my desk....


There's an old saying that seems to apply: Creative minds are rarely tidy. I've used that often to explain my desk/workspace.

A picture is worth a thousand words........... 

A person's mind and his desk...........

William F. Buckley

Albert Einstein

The smartest president ever...

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Barack Obama is Unqualified to Be President (duh)

Today is double the fun with Drinking With Bob day!

Hands down this is my favorite video blog. I can't get sick of this guy screaming my ear off!

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Whoopi Goldberg Couldn't Find Her Way Out of a Glass House if You Gave Her a Hammer!

I didn't say it...Drinking With Bob did<---(more videos here)...

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