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If Man Came From Monkeys, Did Monkeys Come From The French?

My hatred of the French has always been something that was relatively intangible...until now....

Battling for benefits is a tradition in the Gilly family, passed from generation to generation — as it is for families across the country. And that goes some way toward explaining why the protests against plans to raise France's retirement age have shown such determination and ferocity.

For Gilly and many other Frenchmen and women, social benefits such as long vacations, state-subsidized health care and early retirement are more than just luxuries: They're seen as a birthright — an essential part of the identity of today's France.

The protest against a government plan to raise the retirement age to 62 has special meaning for five members of the Eric Gilly clan who are demonstrating in the streets of Marseille.

"We want to stop working at 60 because it's something our parents, our grandparents and even our great-grandparents fought for," says Gilly, 50, a union representative at Saint-Pierre Cemetery, the largest in this bustling Mediterranean port city.

"And over the years ... you can see that we're losing everything they fought for. And that's unacceptable."

Read the rest of French strike to save 'birthright' of privileges here.

Every election since 9-11 has been billed as the most important election of our lifetime to the point of it sounding almost cliche....almost. The truth is it's true everytime it's said because every time it comes to vote the sense that our societal stability is in jeopardy becomes more dire.

Europe is like the trapped action hero whose arch nemesis, Socialist Sam (Uncle Sam's evil fraternal twin brother, who I envision to have Karl Marx's intellect and Pelosi's dashing good looks), is explaining the elaborate gruesome death that awaits them, and liberals in America are begging for us to be allowed to go next.

The French are wimps, pansies, and wimpy pansies. We've known this forever. The toughest guy they could produce, Napoleon Bonaparte, was so small he could've been Tinkerbell's stunt double.

I also maintain the theory that they only have nukes so they can better toast the only weapon of mass destruction they ever intend to use...French toast...

The real mystery remains is whether or not its in their DNA, or is it socialism that has made them softer than their cheese.

In any case, according to 50 year old Eric Gilly retiring at 60 is a birthright...a birthright?!?

(from the AP article) It was in 1982, under Socialist President Francois Mitterrand, that the minimum age to stop working was lowered from 65 to 60. The measure, emblematic of the 14-year Mitterrand presidency, was adopted by a special ordinance that bypassed parliament.

Mr. Gilly Silly was 22 when this "birthright" was bestowed upon him. If that doesn't make things clear enough how about this...he was in his 88th trimester when he was told that he could spend ALL of his sixties thinking about who would be the next to invade France WITHOUT the distraction of having a job.

Note the way Mitterrand had to "bypass" parliament to get it done. Remember how "deem and pass" was going to be the way Pelosi was going to pass ObamaCare before she was able to make Bart Stupak the dumbest member of Congress east of San Francisco?

This is where liberals in America ultimately want to take us. THIS ALSO is the most important election ever. Since FDR we have been inching to this point, and the current leadership of the left slapped on the rocket boosters. It has been understood by pretty much all of conservative punditry that this is it...this election is the line in the sand because the next step takes us over the cliff and into freefall.

Smokers are jokers

Liberals, "progressives," socialists, whatever you want to call them, are so self-absorbed and obsessed with creating a culture of dependence that will serve as their power battery that they don't care about the imminent fiscal catastrophe that faces us. The world economy is a car, and America has been that car's engine. Liberals in France have made them the passenger side ashtray.

Liberals want to turn America into the world's driver side ashtray! Yes, the GOP screwed up pretty bad to get us to this point where the country wanted to elect people who think Uncle Sam would prefer to masticate cigarette poop. No matter how incompetent they are nobody can say the GOP wants that.

That's ultimately what this next election is about....Republican vs. Democrat....conservative vs. liberal....engine vs. ashtray.


P.S. I don't think the first lady, BY ANY MEANS, is fat. It is said that you roast the ones you love, I'll let you know as soon as I do the proper justification for roasting her.