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For Halloween Obama Should Be Something Cool...Like...


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Happy Halloweeen! (yeah yeah, this is a repost from last March, but now its in season :-D )

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Pelosi's Halloween Costume

I brought this post back for the Halloween festivities!

GREAT conservative webcomic...Day By Day

I love the cleverness...

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The Only Obama Bumper Sticker I Would Put On My Car...

Welcome To Dhimmy Land

h/t iOwnTheWorld. Add a comment Actually Helps The GOP With This Video

Now I know where that ridiculous "Republicorp" sign MoveOn's Lauren Valle (the girl that got stomped) tried to shove in Rand Paul's face came from. If you have no other reason to vote for the GOP to totally thump the left on election day, just watch this...

...............I know, I feel stupidester too. I'm embarrased for them. I feel sorry for them. This video is

The nicest thing I can say about it is if it was trying to be satire it failed miserably, and they really REALLY need to say it is satire.

If they wanted people to be persuaded to their point of view they should have focused on ridiculing what they think is wrong with the GOP, not create some over the top cartoonish reality that makes them look so Looney Tunes that the only choice is to vote for the adults in this election cycle...and if it ain't them its going to be, rightly or wrongly, the GOP by default.

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How Liberal Robots Argue

Spot on and shockingly gripping and entertaining.

h/t iOwnTheWorld

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Conservative Satire Headlines October 29, 2010

Poll finds majority mistake Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" for election day.

Obama orders Biden to stop telling people Jon Stewart called him "dude-e head"

Flash shortage of manure hits nation as more Americans are choosing to dress up for Halloween this year as ObamaCare.

Hillary Clinton issues statement announcing that for Halloween this year she is going to be "vindicated."

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Why Gore Should Be Prohibited From Speaking

From the Daily "editorial" comments are in yellow...

Green-minded campaigner Al Gore has been left red-faced after being accused of leaving his car running for almost an hour while he gave a lecture on sustainable development because this environazi power-pimp has to take steps to make sure the "problem" never actually goes away.

It is alleged that Gore made the gaffe while he spoke at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden on Wednesday. Are they sure it wasn't clown school?

His mistake was compounded further by the fact that he had asked his distinguished guests to attend the event by public transport in order to minimize CO2 emissions. It would've cramped his carbon footprint

Swedish law prohibits – for environmental reasons - any car engine being left running without its driver for more than 60 seconds. 

Read the entire article at The Daily Mail

There should be no further discussion on discussing whether or not we should even discuss "global warming" until there is a law that prohibits Al Gore from speaking for more than 60 seconds for A LOT more than just environmental reasons.

If there is any doubt to liberals that Gore has..

...much credibility left, then I just don't know what to do to get them to figure out their eco-pope is a fraud.

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Bill Maher is a Sphincter (to put it nicely)

Watch this video and prepare for some really salty language. This guy really boils my blood and I'm going to unload it here.

Bill Maher is an asshole. I don't mean asshole like he's the guy who is 20 years too old for the nightclub and hitting on girls who could be his daughter, or the old lady at the grocery store causing a line to form as she takes time to write her check on the debit card reader.

I mean this guy is so bad his mouth competes with his anus....I mean this guy's saliva is made of feces.

Vomit is not in his vocabulary of things his mouth does, but diarrhea is.

Given the hand Obama was dealt he gets an A?!? The man was dealt the royal f*#(king flush of politics, and he screwed up so bad its almost as if played it like he was Bill Maher.

The greatest example of how truly stupid this man is came about 7 years ago, when he was criticizing what he thought was the contrived diversity of the 2000 Republican National Convention. Then he cracked a joke about how the last time the Republicans had so many black people join them on stage they were selling them..........

Its when he blows that big dumb nose.

..........That's right, the political party that freed the slaves sold them. At that moment I was CONVINCED that at some point, somehow, Maher's brain fell out of his head.....

As you can imagine the joke was met with huge laughter by the liberal audience, which highlights how the haves and have-nots in America are not divided between rich and poor unless its in terms of intelligence.

He and Meghan McCain must have mental jam sessions where they where they combine the number of dumb things that come out of their heads and see if under any scenario it can equal less than infinity.

Maher had the potential to be among the great political humorists of our time, but he is ruled too much by the hate created by the religiosity of his liberal arrogance, which produces nothing but historically ignorant laughter that masks the sound of Lincoln turning over in his grave.

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Should Dems Bring Back the Donkey?

Bringing back the donkey

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Conservative Satire Headlines October 28, 2010

Poll finds 65% of voters would replace entire congress, 35% think they just need more bananas.

Dems trying to smear O'Donnell with one-night-stand allegations are blasted for hypocrisy of indiscriminately screwing the American people daily.

"Dismayed" that GOP election victory is an intolerable shift to the right for U.S. many Europeans vow to move somewhere safer, China.

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