Follow Me on Pinterest Actually Helps The GOP With This Video

Now I know where that ridiculous "Republicorp" sign MoveOn's Lauren Valle (the girl that got stomped) tried to shove in Rand Paul's face came from. If you have no other reason to vote for the GOP to totally thump the left on election day, just watch this...

...............I know, I feel stupidester too. I'm embarrased for them. I feel sorry for them. This video is

The nicest thing I can say about it is if it was trying to be satire it failed miserably, and they really REALLY need to say it is satire.

If they wanted people to be persuaded to their point of view they should have focused on ridiculing what they think is wrong with the GOP, not create some over the top cartoonish reality that makes them look so Looney Tunes that the only choice is to vote for the adults in this election cycle...and if it ain't them its going to be, rightly or wrongly, the GOP by default.