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What Else Would We Have, But for Harry Reid?

In case you missed it...

WOW! Somebody get this guy a cape and an alter ego. Maybe Barack and Nancy can do that since the stimulus was apparently a one-man show. This begs the question, what else what else would we have, but for Harry Reid?......

We'd have one less exception to "'i' before 'e' except after 'c'".

We'd be able to say "Mormons are actually really awesome...but for Harry Reid."

The average pitch of the human male would be 30% lower

We'd have one less narcissist in the senate who thinks their reflection should be the tie breaking vote.

We'd have a chance in hell that bifocals could become cool

We'd have a senator that support the troops better than the jock strap he wears as a gender diversion

Lost jobs would be bad unless it was his.

Obama's "negro dialect" would be known as his "voice."

Searchlight wouldn't have to claim such a dimwit.

Sharon Angle would be the most feminine person in the race.

Did I miss anything?