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Caption Fun: Obama On His Dorky Bike

Apparently this picture is a bit old, but I just found it and its too good to not comment on!

Obama on his dorky bike

They say a picture says a thousand words...lets see if I can find a few of 'em....

Michelle MADE me paint it blue...and she said that I can't buy pink bikes ever again :-(

I stopped letting Barney borrow it because he forgets to put the seat back on.

For Joe's birthday I slapped some chicken wings on it, gave it to him and called it Air Force 2.

I wanted to get a basket for Bo, but there's not enough room for him and my ego.

Even though I took off the flame stickers I still think this helmet makes me look too macho...

I call the tires hope and change because they constantly go flat.

The shoes and helmet match the bike, and gay people still give me crap?!?

So how awesome are these training wheels?!?

This would be a lot easier to ride if Michelle let me wear my bike shorts instead of her "gardening" jeans...

I can't talk about government spending while riding this thing...for some reason the breaks stop working...

This seat would be really uncomfortable if I had balls...

The sunglasses make me look bad ass, but shouldn't I be wearing safety goggles?

Al Gore would be pissed because Michelle's cooking makes this a high emissions vehicle...

Alright guys, show me what you got!