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Obama Isn't Just The Race Baiters Club President, He's Also a Client!

What can possibly be said in response to this that doesn't sound more repeated than an echo in Biden's head? We've known for a long time the real racists are on the left. This trail has been blazed ad nauseum for decades. The only thing missing from this race-bait clam bake is some fishhooks, Jim Crowe, and a fishing pole.

This man has no shame....none. People who say they have no shame are the Bill Gates of shame compared to Obama. If shame were money this dude would have more debt than the federal government.

If this was Shameopoly Obama would have to pass GO, to get back to zero, about infinity times.

In other words this is the bottom of the barrel people. The post racial president is riling up race. Don't worry when its all over he'll go back to being our president too...

Here's a reality check Blahrack..."the other side" isn't counting on anyone to stay home. What they are counting on is the morons who voted to give DOPE a chance in 2008 to figure out how totally hoodwinked they were by the square peg of soaring, insincere, rhetoric not fitting into the round hole of America.

They're counting on those same people having a functioning gag reflex after the Democrats moved to unilaterally (remember when that was a bad thing?) transform this country into some socialist utopia....

like Greece?

In the end the only thing we're really counting on is the only thing all voters are expected to count on. TO VOTE THE BUMS OUT. We don't want any Democrats to stay home, we just want their leadership in DC to GO HOME!

By the way, at least we can count...