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Obama Does A Great Job Guarding the Change


For once I'm happy to see he intends to make good on his word!

Obama Dice

Now I know why he gets busted for traveling all over the place.

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Things That Are Worse Than Witchcraft...

O'Donnell may have stupidly "dabbled in witchcraft" but I can think of a few things that may be worse...

Bill Maher having a nose that big and never realizing how bad his jokes stink.

Being the "um" counter in one of Obama's teleprompterless speeches

Watching Harry Reid try to convince a sports store clerk that he really needs that jock strap.

Electing Charlie Crist to anything but Self-tanner Czar

Barney Frank retiring from Congress to become the new spokesman for Viagra.

Biden participating in any spelling bee...

Studying the medical phenomenon of how Biden's hair plugs take root anything to in that big empty head

Pelosi fundraisers where guests donate with botox coupons

The data Al Gore uses to prove global warming

Being Chris Coons and realizing your opponent for Senate "dabbled" in something more believable than Marxism.

Check out what others have come up with at the #WorseThanWitchcraft hashtag at Twitter

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Obama Dice

The people's toy...

Obama Dice

Click the image for a larger version.

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Jimmy Carter Parallel's the Tea Party?

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday he sees parallels between today's tea party and his own campaign for the White House in 1976. But he doesn't think the movement will be much of a factor beyond this fall's elections.

The Georgia Democrat told The Associated Press he rode a wave of voter discontent to the presidency on the heels of the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal that felled President Richard Nixon, much like tea party conservatives are now earning support by voicing anger at the nation's economic woes.

Check out the rest at Breitbart.


Seriously though, I think he might actually have a legitimate point, because I see the parallels too...

Thanks high school geometry!

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So Now We're Not Endowed By Our Creator?

I know this has been passed around quite a bit already, but if you haven't seen this you're in for a special treat.

Well how 'bout that?

via iOwnTheWorld

Ann Coulter put forth a "theory" on Obama's religious beliefs that I've held for sometime myself, that he is in fact probably either agnostic, or (as Ann has put it) is just flat out atheist.

America's problems aren't political, they are religious. The downward spiral of our gradually becoming more liberal on social issues is the symptom of that. I know there are a lot of conservatives who would disagree (much less liberals), but even David Patterson could see the direct correlation between our gradual turning from God, or at the very least His principles, and the growing violence in American society being coupled with our tolerance for the destructive social forces that cause it.

That's why its ridiculous to debate the politics of items such as gay marriage, and why even though I have a very concrete position on that issue I tend to stay out of it. If someone doesn't see the moral delinquency of same sex relationships you can't merely argue it out of them.

So can moving to peacefully religious, gay-free Iran

Only Christ can change their hearts on such matters.

His choice to selectively leave The Creator out of his quoting the Declaration of Independence was extremely intentional, I just wish I knew exactly what his intention was. Either it's to lead America out of what he perceives to be the crutch of Christianity, or maybe for him acknowledging God makes him more uncomfortable than Barney Frank taking his turn at "spin the bottle" in a sorority house.

In the end I don't care what it is, I've opposed his presidency since August 3, 1961, so its not like I need yet one more reason to throw him out on his ass two years from now...

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Is O'Donnell a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

If you haven't heard the latest item dredged up from Christine O'Donnell's past here it is.

Note to self: Don't reveal youthful indiscretions to an unfunny liberal douche-bag in front of TV cameras.

Top 10 reasons Jared is unfit for public office... starting with number 25

I do a lot of top 10 lists, and this video has me thinking I should do one outlining the reasons I can never run for public office that don't include the things I say on this blog.

Does this clip do anything to prove she even was an avowed witch? I don't know, I'm not prepared to defend her on that count, but it truly does come across to me as someone who was being young, dumb, and wanting to sound cool on a show where she was undoubtedly treated like the nerd in school people only talked to when they wanted her help cheating on a test.

This show was taped on the eve of liberals losing their iron grip on the media, back then conservatives had to get a little Patrick Dempsy circa "Can't Buy Me Love" if they wanted to hang with that Rat Pack (not the cool kind with Frankie and Sammie...Maher and his pals actually are a pack of rats).

What really gets me going on this is the head-spinning hypocrisy on religion from the left. I guess too much of their sanctimonious first amendment energy has been focused on lecturing us about allowing the Ground Zero Mosque, they just don't have anything left to be consistent on this issue.

Speaking of consistency...

Lets assume for a second that she gleefully engaged in Wiccan activities. O'Donnell has long since come to Christianity, and she came to it because she found the emptiness of living, by her own admission, a sexually loose life among other indiscretions.

Amazing Grace is one of the most beautiful and profound songs ever written and it came from a reformed slave trader. Perhaps we should start banning the song from churches....or maybe Bill Maher needs to get a life and we should support O'Donnell's advocacy for what American life should be today.

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Robert Gibbs Endorses The Official Credit Card of the Obama Administration

What was volume 1? Check it out here.

Robert Gibbs MasterTard

Click the image for a larger version.

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Dems Make Their Own Personal Logos...

Now everyone's getting in on the act

Harry Reid

Not terribly creative, but weak and skinny...I get it

Barney Frank

Again, not creative, but I get it

Joe Biden

He insists its not plagirized

Nancy Pelosi

Getting a little more conceptual...

Hillary Clinton

Now thats a logo!

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The Biggest Strategic Political Blunder?

I’m sure you’ll also notice our new look. Some may think: it’s just a logo—it’s just a brand. Well I don’t believe the Democratic Party is a logo or a brand—we are much more than that. We are Democrats. We create change that matters. Ours is a party of ideas and ideals, of policies and people, history and purpose.

So call it what you will—this new identity for our party captures the spirit that unites us all. Democrats—all of us—are working for the change that matters.

Read the rest of DNC Chairman Tim Kaine's silly blog post here

Look at the responses to this post, they're obviously not all Dems, but more people "like" the comments that criticize than the post itself, and almost none of the comments are supportive.

This is going to go down as one of the biggest strategic blunders in American politics......ever.

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Why Karl Rove Has ALWAYS Sucked...

I'm proud to say I have NEVER been a fan of Karl Rove. I'm sure hes a nice guy, but I think that he thinks politics is all a game...

That's why his ego was competing with his forehead when he trashed Christine O'Donnell for beating Mike Castle for the GOP's senate nomination in Delaware.

If you like Rove go ahead and look up the man's life story. Unless I missed the part where he spent some time mowing lawns as a kid I'm pretty sure Barack Obama has more experience working in the private sector than Rove does if we can prove he's masturbated more.

Rove's entire life has literally been politics. Either he never knew the world outside it or he has completely forgotten. I don't doubt the core of his world view is a conservative one, but for him renewing GOP control of congress means Republicans get to have it all their way in "The Game" again.

For him RINO's can be used to help the ball move forward, which, like communism, is a fine theory in paper and not quite realized in practice.

This isn't about beating Democrats, this is about literally taking the country back from people who are literally trying to transform it into something different. If that means losing a race or two because of principal THIS TIME. I'm willing to take that hit for the longer term vision of working to restore the principals of liberty, self-sufficiency, and "In God We Trust."

We can never make that case if voters don't understand the pain of the leftist alternative, and they sure as hell will NEVER understand that if our messengers are squishes who keep one foot in that pool.

"It does conservatives little good to support candidates who at the end of the day while they may be conservative in their public statements do not event the characteristics of rectitude, truthfulness and sincerity and character that the voters are looking for."

He thinks conservatives don't do themselves any good voting for an O'Donnell over a total RINO like Mike Castle. Where does that argument end? Once Castle gets elected it does us no good to unseat him as an incumbent, so we have to keep him in office now don't we?

The argument now becomes how conservatives don't want to lose the majority, so now we have to perpetually support ideological craters like Mike Castle, whose character hinges on which party strokes his ego the hardest. That's a hole we can never dig ourselves out of. Then the agenda will never move forward because of hacks like Rove convinced us that we need RINO's like him to win.

He thinks this because its conventional wisdom for someone who has spent his life sitting in the side-car of the motorcycle of power for so long he has absolutely no clue what real people, driving in their cars with their windows up and their talk radio blasting, are thinking anymore.

Remember, this guy has been given the legendary status of being George W. Bush's brain. Its no wonder, to me, how that presidency ended up being such an abject failure. Bush's presidency did conservatives little good.

He might disagree, but Barack Obama, and William Ayers, and Karl Marx wouldn't.

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